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  1. In my game after the patch, the dew collectors simply stopped I had four. Three in my main base, one actually intersected by grass that spiders oftten made waggle, and never affected by it. And one in a hedge area remote base. All had 4 on them after patch. After I'd collected all of it and drank it (and yeah, thirst DOES seem to drain faster), they never came back. I honestly didn't notice at first. My four mushroom farms also stopped producing, and they used to produce several times a day. I assumed maybe spawn rates were increased, and went about my exploration. Collected all th
  2. It's quite upsetting to me that this didn't already get a hotfix today, as it warrants a full rollback. Maybe the devs don't realize it, but the game is utterly unplayable outside creative. Without any way to hydrate... I mean, I relied on mushrooms for food, and dew collectors for water. Both are gone. I've eaten my store of acorn bits, and acorns don't spawn anymore, so no more of those. The huge cache of mushrooms at the porch hasn't respawned for me, and I'd already turned all of those into smoothies, which I've already drained for fluids. This sort of issue, that completely breaks
  3. On game crash when recycling plants and boards storage, etc. This happened to me, and I found it to be somewhat random. I could recycle one, then crash on the other. Reload, and crash on the first. So, just save before doing this, and recycle. If successful, save again, and recycle the next, until finished. Frustrating, but it WILL get you around the bug. Took apart a whole base and had to do this for most complex items. I think it relates to how the items drop when you hit recycle.
  4. Having the no spawns issue many are having. Time is NOT frozen. I'm getting night and day, still, but my dew collectors, mushroom gardens are not respawning in 3 game days so far. No wild spawns of any kind are respawning. Flower petals, plants, food items, water, you name it. I was on a mass resource collection for several game days, and so only noticed because returning to my base at oak tree, no acorns popped, and my dew and gardens were not respawning. Now, after several more game days, saves and quits and restarts, still no spawns. Out of water to drink, so out of game until fixed.
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