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  1. Could you please give an option to overwrite the save game instead of creating a new one all the time? You can keep the option of creating a new one for those who want to. But I don't want dozens of save games for me, please?
  2. The game is great! I'm having a blast, awesome work, nicely done!! Here some suggestions: 1) Block attack button should draw back the arrow from the bow 2) Resources tab under crafting should be listed alphabetically 3) Filter option to show Trail Markers on the map 4) Larva Blade is tier I, so it should show first in the Workbench Tools tab Here some other things that would be great! 1) If we could create a dedicated server and have more than 4 people playing together 2) More character options, skins, clothes, etc. 3) Pets! Besides that, I would like to suggest some changes to combat, so far you don't have much chance against spiders in melee combat, and is kind of forced to "cheese" the combat by jumping some place or bug the spider someplace where it can't pass.
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