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  1. The game is not built on realism. Orb spiders have poor eyesight and rely on catching prey that falls into their webs. There is no way they should know that I shot them with an arrow and immediately agro me.
  2. Yeah they are way overpowered. Even if you manage to block their jump attack, you still lose half your health and get poisoned, which makes it near impossible to engage in melee combat with one without cheesing (e.g. getting them stuck on something)
  3. Arrows fall under foundations if stuck to a mob or pushed by a mob. Makes retrieval impossible without recycling the foundation.
  4. I have a feeling they will include more to the story. I found a locked lab in the "haze" which has yet to be unlocked, so it's likely they will be adding more... story shouldn't limit character progression though, as surving 30 days should at the least provide some sort of perks. Even a simple EXP system could help, but the game in it's current state, even with more storylines, would benefit from this idea.
  5. Just a suggestion on adding to the game. It would be nice to see some sort of character progression with the tools/weapons being used. For instance, using the bow would increase your character's ability with it and unlock new crafting recipes (such as arrows, quivers, etc.), special attacks (multishot), increase base damage, etc.
  6. Those are some cool ideas, though I think a bullfrog would be too massive for our ant sized selves to handle. Perhaps a tree frog? Would also be cool if they added centipedes, roly-polys (aka pill bug/potato bug), and grasshoppers.
  7. I noticed that too. If you shoot an arrow at a spider and you are at an elevation they cannot reach, they will run away, heal to full, and lose agro then walk back as if nothing happened.
  8. That happened to me as well, so I loaded an earlier save and so far it hasn't happened again. I wonder if there is a proximity trigger somewhere that might be the cause, as there were a few different areas I explored prior to finding the lab locked.
  9. Are you trying to use the hammer or repair "tool"? The repair tool kind of looks like a wrench. The hammer is used to break stuff...
  10. Loving the game so far. Here are a few issues I noticed. Game crashes when trying to recycle pallet, but beating it with a hammer til it breaks worked for me once. However, attempting to break another pallet using the hammer caused a crash. Gnats can fly underwater and boop into you if you are swimming. Sometimes the top saved game from main menu is an older save... loading again from within the pause menu seems fine. No option to overwrite previous saves or name them, so hundreds of save files and difficult to discern between different games/characters. Crouching does not appear to affect chances of being noticed by a hostile bug.
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