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  1. I don't know if someone mentioned this already, but the guy on the cover actually has three guns... look at the shoulder holster on the left side Just sayin'
  2. Oh, don't get me wrong.. the game looks fun and I still want to play it. It's just that I expected the hand to hand to be...cooler? and I don't really like the cone of fire style crosshairs. That's really the main issues I have with the game. The invisibility thing can be avoided. The dialogue system looks great, as does the entire concept of the game. I'm just saying that I was kind of expecting a realistic but in a fun way (a la MGS4. Not trying to compare the two, but I'm saying I thought the style would be the same.) But it turns out it's going for a more arcade style.
  3. I'll be honest, I didn't like what I saw... I guess Conviction is more the type of game I'm looking for. I'll still definitely give this game a try, it'll probably be fun.. just not what I expected. I don't like the crosshair, the bit with the invisibility, and the hand to hand. Just my 2 cents.
  4. lol, I just had to jump in for this. Look at Russia's economy compared to all the capitalist nations' economies (pre-recession). Would be nice to play as a defected MT working for the KGB, however.
  5. I do believe it. A person is entitled to believe what they want. If you believe that I don't believe, you are entitled to believe that. Do you believe what I'm saying?
  6. lol We already established that you won and that you were right about everything. But thanks for the evidence.
  7. Yes, I don't believe you. But surely someone like you can understand that the lack of evidence is what compels my lack of belief.
  8. lol, Alright man, whatever you say. and WILL is right. You win. Free internet cookie awaits you.
  9. lol, Can you show us this PM? I'm actually beginning to enjoy how no matter what anyone says, you manage to completely nullify it. I gotta give you props on your trolling skills. But can you show us this PM of which you speak?
  10. Wait... wut? Errr, sorry, I meant that it was so obvious that I felt the need to ignore the fact that he is a troll and respond as if he wasn't one. It's weird. But anyway, At this point after reading his latest response, I think it's best if we don't talk to him. Then he'll go away.
  11. Oh and, the Jews couldn't avoid a genocide because the borders were closed to them and it's hard to get out of Europe when almost all of it is occupied by Nazis. Duh. lol, your trolling is so obvious that I just had to ignore it and respond.
  12. Yeah, I mean really, unless someone was constantly nagging you to buy it. What person goes on a forum for the game just to complain about it when they're not even going to buy it? Uhh, then don't if you don't want to. But consider the whole point of GTA is to look at things from a criminal's point of view.that's why people buy it. When did I ever say all religious people are fundamentalists? Find where I specifically said that. I myself am religious, for the record, but let's not change the topic. Yeah, pretty much. If some people didn't think Hitler or Lenin were doing what they thought was good, those two people would have NEVER gotten as far as they did and committed their crimes against humanity. To their followers, he was good. Does that mean I agree with them? Not at all. All it means is that what someone sees as good is almost always seen as bad by someone else, and vice versa. Meanwhile, you go on a forum for a game you don't even plan to buy just to harass the members in a condescending and completely immature and un-knowledgeable manner. This thread is probably going to be locked soon.
  13. Only difference is that you can completely avoid a video game if you don't like the content. If the game seems terrible to you, don't buy it. For someone who tries to have an intelligent conversation, I don't understand why you haven't made that realization already. And like I said, you don't have to have sex with anyone in the game. And there is no "good" or "bad" side, which is why there are no bars. You seem like a fundamentalist, a troll by nature, not by purpose. Only a fundamentalist would choose to side with the clearly defined "good" side, when in fact, good and evil is relative to the observer as I mentioned before. Or maybe you're not a fundamentalist, rather just another troll.
  14. And it's not like they force you to have sex in the game. That's purely player choice. And the reason there's no bars for good vs bad is because there really is no good or bad, it is all relative to the observer, which is the point Obsidian is trying to make. To me, good might mean working for the CIA while to someone else it could mean getting revenge on them for not treating you right. If you want to be good in the game you just do what you feel is good, if you want to be bad, then you do what you feel is bad. Just like real life.
  15. I would love to see a SERPA holster in-game.
  16. A 3D spy cave with spies full of spy crates used to hide behind during spy firefights while spying? Pre-ordered.
  17. Those pistols are more for competition, don't you think? I doubt there are any exotic weapons in the game, at least the kind that you speak of, but I'm sure if you buy it for PC there will be some weapon mods?
  18. It's the sort of thing that happens in games all the time (AI acts funny when the player is dead because it's kind of irrelevant), but, like with the funky nade in the other trailer, one can't help but wonder why it's in the promo footage. Mike isn't dead in the clip, though. He just kneels down, then hits the guy again. Wait, I always interpreted at as Mike ducking under a punch by the thug, who's momentum makes him spin around while Mike attacks...
  19. The super spy collector's edition comes with handcuffs, laser designator/binoculars, an airsoft gun, cool shades and a job application to the CIA. But seriously speaking, I don't know.
  20. It would certainly help, since gamers in general and critics particularly tend to be superficial. I mean, when was the last time the critics mostly agreed that a game was pretty yet utterly devoid of other positive qualities? Crysis was a tech demo on steroids and it got a metacritic of 91, for crying out loud. Mass Effect got away with having good character/weapon models and blocky environments though, so maybe AP can follow in that regard. Well, Crysis had some fun gameplay as well as future graphics from outer space. But I guess you're right, it would help sales... I'm just pointing out that a great game doesn't need great graphics, and that people shouldn't be discouraged from this game because of the visuals, especially since Obsidian is going out on a limb and trying something new.
  21. I don't see the problem. The first picture isn't bad, the second picture looks great. Personally, I don't care about graphics as long as they look clean (meaning everything is clearly defined, not all blended together and dull, for lack of a better explanation) For example, Max Payne and Far Cry 2. Both games look great, the first being really old, the second just looks great on low settings. Crysis however, looks horrible on low settings, in my opinion, simply because everything looks exactly like everything else (at least to me) to the point where it affected gameplay for me. Then again, one of Crysis' main goal was graphics, unlike the other games I mentioned. But anyway, at the current state it's in, the graphics of AP are great. Not top notch or anything, but why does it need to be?
  22. Actually, Hugo Weaving had a very memorable pattern of speech *and* a certain rolling growl to his voice that made the character stand out. I wouldn't call his performance monotone (and indeed, if you listen closely, the pitch of his voice often changes within a single line). Hmm... I see what you mean. I guess what I should say is that an Agent Smith voice acting style wouldn't do a protagonist character much justice. Anyway, I guess Obsidian is going for a greenhorn/newbie voice for MT, since he IS a new agent, now that I think about it.
  23. I have a slightly buzzed Saturday night theory on voice acting. A good lead must either be emotive and have a dynamic range in their delivery or their voice must have some kind of interesting texture (like an accent or gravelly monotone characteristic of badasses). Obviously both is a plus. A voice that is crystal clear and devoid of expression isn't interesting to listen to, and that's kind of what MT sounds like so far. That said, if he goes on to speak in 7 different languages perfectly and takes on different accents during every mission, I'll cut him some slack. Yeah, let's hope Obs isn't going for an Agent Smith monotone... that would be a disaster.
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