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  1. I agree completely when it comes to the arcade-y shooters and over the top spy action genres... it's not fun to not be able to make any progress without dying endlessly. However, when it comes to simulation games, realistic AI is obviously a better choice than 'fun' AI, in my opinion. But then again, why not have both? A good balance between the two usually appeals to a more wider audience and gets the job done well. Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising is a great example of this.
  2. I agree. If you don't feel like there's any danger of being shot at in a shooter, then it's just a matter of pressing buttons to advance the storyline, but then you lose that feeling of achievement for "getting there" at certain points of the plot. The enemy that Mike lobbed a grenade at didn't even attempt to make an escape, although I think it was a bug, because somewhere in the video enemies can be seen somersaulting, which I assume can be done to escape grenades as well. But back to the weak AI, a game that emphasizes the plot should give you the feeling that you had to work to get where you are in the story, in my opinion, and judging from this footage there is definitely room for improvement. Then again, we haven't seen very much of the game. As for the reload animation, I'm sure they're still being worked on, seeing that much of the game's polish hasn't been applied yet.
  3. Ahhh.. I wasn't aware of that. My bad. At least now it won't be disappearing for the people that didn't see it yet.
  4. Sorry if this has been already posted, but I found this. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/47611.html Shows lots of new footage. Looks a lot more polished now, especially the scene with Thorton holding the Arab guy at gunpoint.
  5. Sorry for essentially repeating my post, but I felt this issue is of great concern. I noticed that all the assault rifles in the game were missing their magazines. Is this only a temporary thing or will everyone in the game be firing omni-chambered magical bullets? And also the hand-to-hand combat looks extremely repetitive... I saw the same attack used multiple times on the same guy (but I guess that's understandable), but there was only 1 takedown animation that was used at least 4 times throughout the video. Are there more takedowns or is it just the one that we saw?
  6. I know the game is still being worked on... but why did all of the rifles not have magazines in them? And I like the hand-to-hand combat, but already I saw the same thing repeated too much for comfort. I can understand the attacks being on the repetitive side, but I only saw one takedown animation used at least 3 times.
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