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  1. I see it less likely they include vehicles and more likely they add tamed bugs. Flying? Tamed bee. Traversing the ground? Ants, lady bugs, some other beetle. Traversing the water? Water Strider. Vehicles could be fun, but they already have the bugs... why invent when you can tame the wilds by other means?
  2. It would make sense for them to add this. It's in literally every "small scale" movie I can think of - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids uses sprinklers, Antz and A Bugs Life both have rain storms, etc. I'm sure it's on their plans for the future. They just got to figure out a balance to the sorts of events that can cause mayhem like that - how do you have things like that happen and not destroy a base tied together with little strands of grass? They'll have to make it something that players can prepare for and/or tone it down so it doesn't completely break the game in a bad way. I'm also down for windstorms and man-made problems too, lawnmowers or even just an idiot stumbling around back there...
  3. If they don't add a scorpion at some point they are missing out on a climactic moment in their reference material. I'd much rather them add a scorpion than another spider. My wife and I joke they should change the name of the game to "Spidered." If my backyard had this many spiders in it, I'd move. The house isn't worth it at that point.
  4. This isn't really a complaint but it might seem like it. After playing the game for hours, I'm grappling with a bit of an immersion problem - at first the game is fairly immersive, especially when dealing with ants, larvae, orb weavers etc. But after a while the bug scale gets a little wonky. Some bugs are too big compared to each other. Mosquitos are HUGE, like waaaay bigger than they are in real life. Don't get me wrong, they're fun to fight and I love their movements and attack patterns... but they're effing massive. Compare them to the bees, for example. The bees seem fairly bee-sized, at our small scale they almost seem like bumble bees but they're pretty true to scale, then compare that to the lady bug. Find me a lady bug that is bigger than a bee. Now find me an actual mosquito that lives in the same place as all these other guys that's the same size as/slightly larger wingspan than a bee. It's something that takes me out a bit, not that "realism" is a thing they should strive for, it's just a weird thing that's been getting to me the more I play. Ultimately, doesn't really matter - I love the mosquitos. They sound awesome, their animations are tight, it feels like fighting a bug fencer. It's great. Just something of note.
  5. Jeez man, the game already has a three variants of spiders atm (not counting spiderlings and junior orb weavers). There are probably hundreds of other kinds of insects and bugs that should be solidly considered before adding more freakin' spiders. Diving Bell spiders were already a stretch... But think about all the other critters that could show up that are really common to a backyard - praying mantis, katydids, ****roaches, wasps, dragonflies, butterflies, etc. Spiders are like the wolves/lions of a backyard, but they aren't the only threat to a tiny kid. I'm also down for other non-bug related threats like - sprinklers, weather, the bird (I want my backyard dragon fight), ignorant humans stomping around, lawnmowers, and so on. I'm loving all the things they're adding, but more spiders (especially an over-powered ringleader spider like you describe) is not something this game needs atm... maybe like a Halloween event or something. Spiders don't really even exhibit this kind of behavior in the real world. It's already a bit of a stretch for orb weavers to be wandering about instead of hanging out in a web.
  6. I can't seem to get floors? I have all the other recipes for grass but can't seem to unlock floors. Is there something I'm missing?
  7. I can't seem to get Floors. I'm not sure if it's a glitch or not but I can't seem to find anyone else with the problem. I cut grass and analyzed it - and I get pretty much everything except floors. Any thoughts?
  8. They said there's a story. It's apparent when you start playing that the story is meant to be discovered through exploration - like Subnautica. A story implies that there will be some form of ending, and it seems likely that the game would allow you to continue on once completing it.
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