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  1. A minimap is a great idea, but i would rather like to see it as a holdable prop, (like in far cry 2 for ex.) , instead of a hud element. Also a more detailed map would be nice too! Like a satellite map, but maybe bit less extreme (simplified visually) Anyways this game has much potential and having multiple options for (any type of) features, is a must in itself.
  2. Hi, I'm currently looking into it, because i can't remember how i got those keybindings in the first place... in the ini it only adds those you change in-game. but those hardcoded ones cannot be changed in-game, so it needs to be set manually.. but i'm re-digging into the gamefiles and the epic mod-engine. But it's a bit of a spiderweb... it's been a long time since i even played the outer worlds. (currently back into No Man's Sky Modding) but i will post here if i find how to get the exact naming for the ledger... could be just plain 'ledger' but i'm not sure. EDIT
  3. Seeing the fault module name is "atidxx64.dll" this should be related to your gpu, are the drivers up-to date? if yes, maybe a revert to a previous driver could be required.. (happens alot with gpu drivers) and disabling AA could help,...see this thread (not related to this game but similar issue, so could possible help) https://answers.ea.com/t5/Battlefield-4/Recent-crashes-due-to-atidxx64-dll/td-p/2746836 Hope this helps,
  4. Which version of the game are you using? (epic or gamepass?)
  5. I see that multiple quest indicators on the map is already in the list of reports, great! But might i add maybe giving them different color according to the category of the quest? ex, : mainquest-->green(default), sidequest-->red, companionquest-->blue, etc,..... and maybe from each category maximum one selected on the map for indication (also toggle to off for any quest, no matter what category, if for ex;: you only preferring one indicator/quest on the map.
  6. I just checked something, it's not gonna work after those steps mentioned in my first reply. but they are also needed I checked if you could rebind those 'hardcoded' key's after removing them in the ini but no you cannot. (ingame) so after the steps mentioned in my first post, scroll to the last "RemovedActionKeyBinds" if there are any with axiskeybind remove them and add these , (they are set according to your playsetup) but like i said, it's buggy, you see, it's only right and forward it rebinds, but they are definitly for le
  7. Hi there, I also hope they give us proper keybindings, but i found a temp workaround. Open your gameusersettings.ini location (for epic version) .....\AppData\Local\Indiana\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ scroll down a bit (you should see some entry's with addedactionkeybind and removedactionkeybinds.... Add the following 3 lines between the last "addedactionkeybind" and the first "removedactionkeybinds" AddedActionKeyBinds=(ActionName="Inventory",bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False,EventType=IE_Pressed,HoldTime=0.000000,bRespectTD=True,bCan
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