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  1. I had the same problem. I'm using a nVidea 2060 card. I had the settings using the card settings and the game refused to work. Once I changed the setting to program controle, the game loaded right up.
  2. The not so Epic one. Oh happy day, I got it working!!! In my nVidea settings I had chose use video card settings, I changed it to use the program settings and restarted my computer, that fixed it.
  3. I just got the game and am looking forward to playing but I can't. When I try to launch it, it goes to a black screen the CTD In just under 2 seconds. While my system is not a top of the line rig, it should be able to run this game easily enough. os Win 10 cpu i7=4770 video nVidea RTX-2060 ram 16 GB all drivers are up to date Thanks in advance for any help
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