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  1. I strongly disagree but I do think the story and worldbuilding can be extremely overwhelming at times. I really enjoy the themes and scope of the Pillars of Eternity universe and I don't think it is too difficult to grasp if you give yourself enough time to take it all in. A lot of the questions you pose are answered for the first time in POE 2 as you progress through the game. Maybe I can help though. MAJOR POE 1 and 2 Spoilers below! 1) It is understandable if you are confused here if you did not complete the story of the first game or do not remember it well. The s
  2. I think that it would be difficult to keep track of all the choices made in the first two games, and that Obsidian should lighten that load with a brand new character in a brand new land, preferrably Yezuha. With the big storm being taken down, there is the potential for even larger culture clashes as Yezuha is introduced to new strangers with strange customs and stranger gods that sometimes possess statues that step on people. Rekke should definitely make an important appearance, if not a main companion. Perhaps he can be some type of welcoming ambassador based on whether the Watcher rescued
  3. I ignored her a lot honestly. I believe in the first POE, hers was the only quest I didn't complete because it was kinda a shady deal IIRC. I also got Giacolo killed so honestly Pallegina was probably not my biggest fan. I was surprised that she left when I refused to support VTC's claim for Ukaizo. I know that she wasn't in my party for most of it, but did nobody tell her that the VTC were making deals with slavers?? Maybe something different happens if she spends more time in my party, I dunno, but she seemed as devoted to the VTC as any acolyte that she chastizes are to their god. I spent a
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