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  1. Versus Evil begin to collect the bugs for POE2 on console. If you experience any other errors or bugs during your playthrough, please send a report to support@vsevil.net so we can forward them to the Developer.
  2. My id is PSN-US id.And there is no update about the POE2. I think it will take a month to begin to update about the crash-bugs.
  3. just kown the poe2-US version has the patch 1.03. I don't kown info about the other versions.
  4. The IGN just introduces the system, combat or other great about this game, but it never tells a little about the crash and the bull**** bugs.so shame! IGN comes again???
  5. at last it have just a little communication with players . And then next plan of versus evil is ... i don't kown.
  6. The game may have deleted all your savefiles.And you have to play from the begin. Don't ask me how to know it.
  7. patch1.03. just add some other languages and did not fix any problems.so sad!
  8. Now the poe1 and wasteland2 in the ps4 still have so many bugs.Then the developers have stopped to fix these problem and let them go. ps: Please Obsidian don't complain so few sales volumeļ¼Œjust learn the actions to optimize your games from CD Projekt Red.
  9. i just only want to fix the shutting down of this game. the problem of load times can be taken into account later.
  10. me too. Today the shutting down of this game auto delete my saves. So sad.
  11. same problem like above. new:Today the man i played just stand still in this area.After lunch, it give me a surprise that shutting down.
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