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  1. You have to manually update it, as its not a bug patch. It only fixes language files in certain regions. So on your PS4, hit options on the icon and then check for update. It will then download it.
  2. I can't find anything online. But on the PS4 update history after it downloaded, it just says: Added European Spanish Language Added European French Language This is all this patch did huh. All these issues, and all these complaints. And this is the thing that gets a patch. Obsidian, you better never work with the company you hired to do this console port again. Because this port is a shambles. And its hurting your reputation with those that don't know any better.
  3. A console patch just dropped. Where are the notes about this patch? What exactly was fixed? Thank you.
  4. I am glad they have taken this stance personally. There are other games that are better suited for co-op or any form of MP. In my opinion this type fo RPG is not suited for it. And should not have it. I also feel that some companies bend to producers wills and force things like MP and co-op into games. That is what is so great about this game being funded mostly/partly by backers. The developers have full control over their project. They don't have another company making demands of the game. Forcing them to do things that doens't fit with their ideals and goals for the game. Which leads to a much better finished project. It is nice to see a company taking this stance knowing exactly what they want to make, and actually making it that way without outside influance based on sales/marketing decisions.
  5. I can understand and respect them not wanting to. It would just be nice to have that option. And thanks for the links, I have much reading to do.
  6. I would love to play this type of game on a next gen console. I am really looking forward to this game. But I would also love to play a good solid RPG on a console. I'll pay them again for a second kickstarter to get this going. I can't be alone in this either, I would assume other are starved for more good RPGs on consoles.
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