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  1. ran into this issue today. Build is: EDIT: I still had a savefile from before the cutscene started where eccea leaves the group. I waited until she sat down - she dropped the blaster this time. So maybe you have to wait until she is sitting down. At least I've got the item now, just wanted to let you know.
  2. I would totally add in a cipher for this build. Going between (lvl 4 cipher spell) will help your riposte build a lot. With upgraded starting focus to start it's available midgame to help the rogue get misses even more. Pain block might be useful as well. Apart from that the Cipher can add a ton of effects which help the rogue dealing more dmg. On lvl 15 she can even combo with any melee who has fast attack speed for her raw DMG blades and basically unlimited focus for her. Which then opens up some other builds which synergizes around the ciper. Like a Chanter with Aef
  3. I play a really similar Barbarian, just opted for unlaboled blade instead of bittercut. I did take some "offensive" talents (bloodthirst e.g.) instead of threatening presence. It is a really fun build which does quite some damage if the unlabored blade proccs while HoF - or just when Autoattacking. I used a higher con though, but I can see that a lower Con works on this character as well. unlabored blade is imho a great weapon for this build. It also gives you 2 healing chain per rest which is complimenting your huge health regeneration with survival healing
  4. I have several playthroughs on PoTD difficulty and always ditched druids. This time I played this build. Boy - what a blast. It is the most fun build I have ever played due to it's flexibility in all areas. You can deal tons of single target damage, CC enemies, buff/debuff/ offheal. You are a jack of all trades - and you are a master of all aspects as well. Not a master of none. For partyreasons I went with spiritshift boar though - I wanted a stormcaller-hunter - with the pet having the knockdown talent - in the grp as well. And the synergy between those 2 buil
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