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    Movies, music, games, chilling (is that an interest?), science, the world (yes that's an interest), books, writing, tattoos, myths, documenturies (not all), dogs, cats, family, friends ... ah uhm mmm, lots of things!
  1. it's all pretty chill here too.


    it's life! what can i say?!

  2. Hey man! It's going very well, just a bit busy and hectic lately but at leasts its all keeping me entertained;) How bout yourself? All well?

  3. hahahaha Arch! up yours!!

  4. Thanks for the warning bout those dudes lol... think I can handle it though!;)

  5. dudes like Architect.

    *cough cough*

    (just joking)

    Architects a ok guy. He just has a f***ed up sense of humor.

  6. you're welcome, mate! :D

    What about forum hell, Architect?

    there aren't very many women on this site so expect dudes to be tearing up your page. ;)

  7. Nice choice of interests. Course I could be just saying that because they match mine... :D

  8. So u want a tattoo of the Netherlands on ur nether lands hey... well I think the country has a nice shape for a tat, I know, I am from there (The Netherlands that is, not ur nether lands)...just had to comment:D

  9. So you're saying that the difference between Anthony Hopkins and a cannibalistic serial killer is less than the difference between Anthony Hopkins and a woman?!? I think he might object to that! Bart Simpson (epitome on manliness that he is) is VA'd by a woman, so hah. The only reason there isn't (much) cross-gender acting in movies is that the actors appear on screen as their characters. Even then, there used to be a long, proud tradition of men pretending to be women on the stage so as to keep the women at home in the kitchen, and there have been movies where an actor plays the opposite gender (such as Norbit). Yes that is exactly what I am saying: that the difference between Anthony Hopkins and a cannibalistic serial killer is less than the difference between Anthony Hopkins and a woman... Didn't you know he used to be a serial killer in his free time? He trated that hobby for collecting stamps though. Ok, no, that is not what I am saying. I am saying that for some people it is easier to identify with someone in roleplaying who is completely different than yourself than it is to play the opposite sex. I guess in a way it is fun to be someone your not. Like in KOTOR I love to play dark side and kill just for fun, yet in real life (doubt me if you will:P) I have no such desire. Still I prefer getting into that role as a woman rahter than a man... it is a feeling thing, how people prefer to experience a game and since many prefer playing their own gender... why not. But to each its own I guess. Not saying that I think every one should or should even prefer to play their own gender, bus since so many do, why not give them that option. But if you just want to argue with me;) I am a poor oponent at the moment cos I am tired from squeezing people all day. And if you just like a healthy discussion, I have to bite you:D All that said, ladieda and have a nice day:D
  10. Hey there! Thanks for the welcome message:)

  11. I see you're new here! Welcome!

  12. I don't mind the romance between characters, but I don't care if its not there either. Anyway, I guess custom characters either male or female just give everyone what they want... play their own gender or the opositie, create someone very much like you or not like you at all and anything in between, plus the option to replay it all different each time. That seems like true role playing to me: that you can be anyone you want, get in any role you feel like.
  13. KOTOR MMO... just sad:( I don't want other people to play in my story (no offence you other people lol), but seriously, I loved KOTOR 1 and 2... just me and my experience. No matter how good it could be, it wouldn't be KOTOR. It should be a one person experience as it was... if they want a Star Wars MMO, make a new one, plenty left to tell. They should just make a KOTOR 3 RPG like 1 and 2 were, just even more kick buttocks!
  14. Mass Effect's human heads could have been higher quality had they not been morphable. Building and rigging a customizable head generally lowers its quality compared to a one-off head. Also, there's the investment in technology. That's not a sacrifice as far as the player is concerned, but it does have a cost for the developer. I think character customization is often important in games, period -- RPG or otherwise. But I don't think it's always necessary or even desirable. It depends on the game, the setting, the story and a lot of other factors. As I wrote early in the thread, in Aliens I think that female characters are so important to the franchise that females should be the default for a player character. Ok, that makes sense;)
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