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  1. Tinkering should just cost weapon parts and more of them. I've never found myself having a shortage of weapon parts that I need to break down weapons/armors. Those always go to the junk pile--it's annoying when you have one item in your inventory that you want to keep and your cursor drifts over to the left causing you to accidently junk it when you're junk spamming items.
  2. It's great. I thought some of the play mechanics were a little outdated, like the camouflage areas, which just seemed off to me. I'd rather it be something you could do all the time, but it would drain your energy. I didn't buy into the Board storyline. Sophia didn't work as a character for me. Just too one dimensional. I LOVED the chairman though. Especially the scene where he was doing the camera takes. Would have liked it better if you only saw Sophia on the vid screen and never in person. They should have hired an actor from Odeon to play the Adjutant to keep the masses in line!
  3. I've had my inventory (was weapons or maybe armor) indented so far to the right or left that it was nearly off the screen. I've only had this happen once.
  4. Hortense Ingalsbee`s corpse is the wrong graphic/NPC when you send her down to the Early Retirement Center. Might not be a bug per say, but when you're using camouflage and get caught stealing your reputation decreases. How do they know it's you when you're using camouflage? It would be cool if you could hack vending machines or hit them with a power melee attack to get them to drop items. You could have it so some items won't drop unless you hit it (like in real life sometimes!)
  5. It would be nice to have the food, drink and sleep mechanics available on other modes other than Supernova.
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