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  1. He is also really good at talking while playing. That can be difficult to do especially with a strategic game like PoE.
  2. Ditto on the Fog of War Quick Save before every conversation, battle, and interactive object. Regular save before I leave and enter an area. I end up saving every twenty seconds when I'm just running around an area just in case, I don't know, the game crashes or I get into an unexpected combat encounter.
  3. This is when the bug triggers for me. I remove the wizards armor and the cape appears. It even rotates when I rotate the wizard. When I switch characters, the cape remains and doesn't disappear until I exit the inventory screen.
  4. I am constantly amazed by the backgrounds. They are so beautiful. The character models don't look great but that isn't a big deal since the majority of the time we will be looking at them from afar.
  5. I like romance in games but it doesn't bother me that they're not in PoE. A well written romance between a NPC and the PC would take a lot of time that I would prefer be used to write more interesting quests or companions rather than romantic dialogue. Although, I'm mildly disappointed because Obsidian is the only developer that creates the type of romances in games that I enjoy the most. The romances in Kotor 2 and Nwn 2 weren't ideal or happy relationships which is something that is rarely explored in RPGs. The person you could romance could be possessive, obsessive, jealous, cruel, or just an outright unstable person. The problem with those romances, though, was that there wasn't a conclusion and they weren't fully developed.
  6. More customization options for your character. If what was shown yesterday was final, there are only a few head and hair options. I won't see the character much since the camera is so far back but it would bug me if they didn't look close to how I pictured them.
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