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  1. This Reddit post shows a DM from Obsidian (Mikey Dowling) explaining Third Person wouldn't be in The Outer Worlds, but its something they know is in demand and will look into for future games (Grounded was given as an example). This was posted well before Avowed was revealed, and given that game will have Microsoft's full backing, I'd say the chances are pretty likely Avowed will have a third person mode.
  2. While a true third person view is unlikely to be added in The Outer Worlds 1, I do appreciate the devs adding a quick option for the idle camera in the pause menu. However, the camera in this mode is at a fairly awkward angle, pointing down at your character. It's difficult to get a decent look at your character or take any screenshots. My suggestion is to allow the camera in this mode to be rotatable using the right stick or mouse. Currently so much as touching the right stick puts you back in first person. This makes sense for when the game is truly left idle, but I'd
  3. I hope there is an optional third person mode, even if the game is designed around first person. It's nice to be able to see your created character.
  4. I have a feeling the DLC will be a repurposed version of the cut planet mentioned in the No Clip documentary.
  5. Late to this, but great update! Text size was much needed, and idle camera button is a cool option. Regarding the idle camera, I think it would be nice if we could manually adjust the camera angle ourselves. The angle of the rotating camera isn't great for screenshots.
  6. Perfect, thanks for the response! Like I said, the game is fantastic, and this is just a minor detail, but if it can be improved in the future that would be great.
  7. First of all, The Outer Worlds is absolutely fantastic! Having recently watched a YouTube video comparing every console version of the game, I couldn't help but notice the Xbox One X version of the game has less dense foliage on Terra 2. It is identical to the base Xbox One version. I understand the need to reduce the foliage on the base console, but I'm curious if the X sharing the same settings was just an oversight. Obviously the X has its own advantages with the resolution and 4K textures, but if it's possible I would love to see the foliage and other graphic settings increased
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