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  1. Hey guys, It is hard to narrow down exactly what may be going wrong here. Of course many people have been able to successfully play the game on their Xbox, so I would think it could potentially be something unique to your Xbox unit. Does the game just go into an unresponsive state, and then you need to hard reset your Xbox before you can run it again? If possible, please make sure you have completely cleared out any game cache, uninstall the game data, and try reinstalling to the hard drive. Let us know what Xbox you have as well. Which model is it, what hard drive does it have, etc.? Additionally, if you happen to have another Xbox or friend's Xbox you could try the game on, that would help us understand if it is an issue with your copy, or your hardware setup. Thanks, Matt
  2. Thankfully we were able to solve NicWil's problem. The issue was that the game was crashing when initializing the mouse. We found that the game was competing with some other software that was running on the machine, causing the issue. In NicWil's case, once he uninstalled a piece of Kensington mouse software, the game started up fine. Thank you NicWil for working with me to solve your issue, and I hope you enjoy the game.
  3. Ubisoft officially announced the release date of March 27th for South Park: The Stick of Truth in Germany and Austria.
  4. Hey pherax, We have resolved this issue in the next patch to be released soon. In the meantime, you should try loading your last good save, swap your buddy, then swap your buddy back. After that, try continuing to progress.
  5. Hello all, We have heard the complaints about the mini-game and are looking at adjusting the difficulty soon. Thanks, Matt
  6. MadderHatter88, are you playing with keyboard and mouse? If you are, you need to use the arrow keys for that dance mini-game, not WASD controls. Let me know if that helps solve your problem.
  7. Hey reabo, Could you help us understand where you are in the game? For the Goth Quest, after you have been given the quest from them, you actually need to go get clothing, coffee and cigarettes to satisfy the goth kids before they will ask you to prove you are a goth by dancing. If you have the quest, but haven't fulfilled those requirements, then you will need to do so first.
  8. April 8, 2014 - 12:00PM PST Patch 03 is available on Steam now. It should automatically update itself after you exit the game. The patch is in testing at Ubisoft and will become available on the consoles soon. Fixes: Allows WASD keys to work as arrow keys during the Goth Dance mini-game. Fixes a potential hang in the counter attack tutorial battle. Fixed an issue where accessories would not show up on the player if a new game was started while having the Hoff face equipped. Fixed an issue where the outfit might now show up on the player during the costume changes in the Photo Dojo. Fixed an issue where using Mr. Slave in the Giggling Donkey could cause issues in the fight. Fixed an issue where the dire bear quest may not properly advance in Canada. Fixed an issue where content could be skipped if grounded in the Lost Forest. Fixed a few typos in messages. Fixed a potential crash while playing in the Portuguese language. Adjusted the difficulty of the Alien Probe mini-game. Adjusted the difficulty of the pooping mini-game. Adjusted the visuals of the magic tutorials while using PC controls. March 11, 2014 - 1:30PM PST A small Steam update was released. This preps the build for the German release. We are continuing to work on additional fixes for a new patch. The German/Austrian version is scheduled to be released on March 27th. March 5, 2014 - 10:00AM PST Patch 02 is available on Steam now. It should automatically update itself after you exit the game. The patch is in testing at Ubisoft and will become available on the consoles soon. Fixes: Fixed an issue where a buddy swap during an autosave could result in an infinite loading issue with affected save files. Fixed potential infinite loading issues during transitions if a buddy swap has not previously occurred. Fixed an issue where the camera could potentially lock to a zoomed view in cutscenes. Fixed an animation popping issue on Cartman if the player selects the Jew Class. Fixed an edge case issue where the player may not gain the "Unfriend Al Gore" quest when being spammed by Al Gore Facebook messages. Some minor performance improvements in Canada. Please note: Patch 02 is NOT YET available on consoles. We do not yet have an ETA. We will update this thread as soon as we do.
  9. Hey GrimRadke, The game does have full controller support on the PC. Does your controller work on other PC games, but for some reason is not being recognized by the game?
  10. ekajduncun, Please let us know if that resolves your issues as well.
  11. Running in to a problem with your game? Please take a look at our FAQ below. Hopefully this will help you with the problem you’re running in to. If it doesn’t, please first search to see if someone else has posted the same issue. If they haven’t, feel free to make a new post on our technical support forums, and please include the platform and describe the problem briefly in the title. For example: “PC: The Anal Probe mini-game is too hard using the keyboard” If you’d like to reach someone in customer support, please visit Ubisoft’s Support Center. Ubisoft manages customer service and technical support for The Stick of Truth. Obsidian is providing a FAQ below based on information we receive here on our forums and social networks, but does not have a dedicated support team. Direct support is provided by Ubisoft. Buying the Game Q: When is the game coming out in Germany and Austria? A: March 27th for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC (Steam). Q: Is South Park: The Stick of Truth available for Xbox One and/or PlayStation 4? A: No, but please let Ubisoft know that you are interested in it! Q: South Park: The Stick of Truth does not seem to be available to me in my country/region. How do I get the game? A: Please contact Ubisoft support in your region for more information. Problems Playing the Game – All Platforms Q: I pre-ordered the game / have the Ultimate Fellowship Pack and entered my code, how do I find my bonus items? A: You must progress through the tutorial of the game before claiming your rewards. Fight through the elven attack in Cartman's backyard before he sends you off onto your quest. Leave Cartman's house and you will get a pop-up message telling you about your Pre-Order rewards. Cartman will also post on your wall in Facebook. At that point you can go back to your bedroom and collect your new items from your toy chest. Q: The game freezes after the Clyde fight. What can I do? A: This is unfortunately a known issue, and has been fixed in an upcoming patch for the consoles (this has already been released for PC players). A workaround for this is to swap your buddy (even back to your original buddy) before you fight with Clyde. Q: I’m getting a loading screen that just seems to load forever. What can I do? A: This may be related to an issue that is fixed in a coming patch. A workaround is to swap your buddy (even back to your original buddy) before you encounter that load and try it again. If this doesn’t work, we suggest going back to a prior save, and make sure to swap your buddy. Q: I’m stuck at the Duke of Winnipeg. He’s not talking to me. What can I do? A: Unfortunately this is a game breaker until the next patch. While we don’t know what is currently causing this for some players, we have a safeguard in place to prevent it from blocking progress. When the patch is applied, you should then be able to continue with the quest. We currently do not have a workaround for this issue. Q: Is it possible to go back to the Alien Ship after you beat the game? I missed a few achievements. A: Unfortunately no. Make sure before finishing that you take care of any related achievements before you finish this area. Q: The Anal Probe part is seriously too difficult. Can you make this easier? A: We are addressing the difficulty of this minigame in a coming patch. There is currently no workaround for this, as this is part of the game’s critical path. There are some user suggestions available in this thread. Q: I’m getting stuck while playing a Thief in the third Elf Tutorial. What can I do? A: We’ve addressed this in a coming patch. A workaround is to make sure you do three perfect hits on the shielded elf. If you don’t do three perfect hits, the tutorial may not progress currently. The game is expecting a perfect overall attack, so if you fail one (and in the case of the Thief, two) of the first hits, and then get a perfect on the last, this can cause the issue. Q: I’m grounded and seem to be stuck in my room. What can I do? A: This is an issue we’ve addressed in the next patch. There is a workaround however if you still have a saved game prior to being caught by your parents. Load that save game, and then do a manual save via your Start Menu (so that it’s not an autosave). Attempt to avoid your parents again, get into the Lost Forest, and then come back out. This will avoid the issue and allow you to continue. Please note: Save games that have you stuck in your room can’t/won’t be fixed by the patch. It will require you to load an older save. We apologize for the inconvenience! Problems Playing the Game – PC / Steam Q: I got the new update on Steam, and now my game won't launch. What can I do to play the game? A: We are working with Steam to resolve this issue. Currently, users have reported that if they turn off Steam Beta, the game will run again. Update: Steam released an update that should fix this issue and not require you to turn off Steam Beta. Q: I am having issues when launching my game on Steam. How do I get my game running again? A: Steam provides some advice for verifying the game is correctly installed. Q: I am stuck on the dancing mini-game playing on PC. What should I do? A: The dance mini-game uses the arrow keys for input. If you are using WASD, try using the arrow keys instead during the mini-game. Q: I am not hearing any VO in cutscenes. What can I do? A: We are investigating this issue further, but a couple of users have fixed it following the steps below: "If you're using Windows 7, left click on sound mixer (next to "time"), then "Mixer" then under "Device" set to Digital Sound Interface instead of whatever else is set (mine is "Speakers..."). You can also set this in Control Pannel. You just need to switch the sound "thing" to Digital Sound Inteface." "I use a 5.1 speaker system, the problem I found was that voices in cutscenes only play out of the middle speaker, which is the softest speaker, and the music/sound effects, play out of the side speakers, the loudest ones. I have a button on my setup that fakes stereo sound (funnels all sound to come out of the 2 front side speakers). This button didn't work for me. But what I did do was go into my audio settings and change my speakers default to stereo (windows 7, control panel -> sound -> right click speakers or whatever you use -> configure speakers -> stereo), and now voices work fine."
  12. Hey ekajduncan, Are you hearing all of the audio except for Cutscenes (meaning sfx, barkstrings, etc)? Are you hearing any other VO, or is all VO missing in the game?
  13. Everyone was good on the NX2 side. There was a small shake, and everyone was thinking, "oh, this is pretty small", then it started picking up and it was pretty funny to watch as people were thinking to themselves, "Oh Crap!" as they started getting into doorways and ducking under desks. Our desks probably would not hold too much if stuff really started falling down. Overall though, nobody got hurt and I didn't see any damage. It is unfortunate about Mitch's figurine though, I hope get gets better soon.
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