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  1. MM, if you replace the avatar I made for you please remove your sig thanking me for it too, it looks weird that you thank me for your current, near-nekkid cowboy o.O

  2. This isn't really the appropriate place to discuss this, but if anyone wants to ask me questions about anything at all, feel free to add me on Facebook: Montgomery Lee Markland
  3. Mixing business and art is a feat rarely accomplished, but it is not an impossibility as many great novels and films attest. The game industry is still in its nascent stages. For most of the early days of "movies," the "art form" consisted of nickel arcades showing nudie flicks. One of the first great "works of art" in the film industry was the unabashedly prejudicial The Birth of a Nation. Movies had been around in various forms, primarily exploitative, for the better part of two decades when D.W. Griffith's epic hit the screens. As for equating Obsidian to McDonald's, the analogy is
  4. Since when are you "any reasonable person"? Haha, fair enough.
  5. I am leaving Obsidian. It is by choice; but that is not a reflection on Obsidian -- I simply have an opportunity any reasonable person would pursue. Obsidian is a great studio. I would love to work with all of the owners again in the future. I'll miss working with many of the game creators at the company; but I intend to see them all socially as I am not leaving Southern California. As for "company loyalty" and that other nonsense... The average time spent at a single company is dropping across all industries. This isn't the 1950s; I'm not going to sexual harass the secretary an
  6. 1) Start a mod team for a game such as Half Life, Unreal, Call of Duty, Crysis, Fallout, etc. Keep the scope of your mod small (one single awesome playable level) and add one unique, compelling gameplay feature to the game. When you have that finished, polish it for months, work on the audio, the visuals, everything. Create the most awesome section of game for whatever modding platform you have chosen and then use that as your demo reel. You'll get interviews if you execute well and the rest is up to you and your interviewing skills. (This route has the con that you are not making connecti
  7. Ancient evil comes back to wipe everyone out is one of the oldest stories the human race tells. So, it's not really fair to say anyone ripped it off when they are telling a variation of the old myth. There is nothing new under the sun.
  8. All the Phillip Marlowe books - 'The Big Sleep,' 'The Long Goodbye,' 'The High Window' - were set in LA. Are you thinking of Ernest Fontana's "Chivalry and Modernity in Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep." ? The Long Goodbye is so good
  9. Alternating between Mass Effect and Dead Space for single player and CoD5 and L4D for multiplayer.
  10. It's nearing the top of my list of things to do (getting the new guys on the purgatorio team some support from my end) -- it's been an insanely busy 6 months.
  11. These would all be awesome: 1. Bladerunner 2. Altered Carbon 3. The Call of Cthulhu 4. Terminator (Post-Nuclear Holocaust) 5. Warhammer 40,000 6. Mad Max 7. Rifts 8. Shadowrun 9. Neuromancer 10. Firefly
  12. Individuals obtain mastery over written expression through practice. So... write a ****load of stuff. Write everyday. You are a writer if you are writing. If you don't write, you are not a writer. Write short stories. Write plays. Write screenplays. Write game narrative content for a mod team. Write non-fiction. Write journalistic pieces. Write speeches for politicians or corporate figures. Write for the college newspaper. Write for pay if you can and for free if you can't. Write forum posts. Experiment with different styles. Learn all of the rules so that you can break t
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