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  1. I get this message as well. I think it is caused by having her follow on Scylla, and when exiting the ship, she disappears - and apparently falls to her death - even when not on supernova.
  2. I support this too. I would be even happy for a simple knife based lethal takedown option as of now - it could be limited to enemies with exposed heads / non-heavy armor. Of course options for non-lethal knockout, sleep darts, AI reacting to bodies found, and the ability to move bodies would make it whole. But maybe I have spent too much time with Arkane games recently. In any case I welcome games which allow for non-violent options - though I am not against some more lethal action as long it is justified properly, and it does work within the story and characters and avoids glorifying vio
  3. I would love to see more interesting, gameplay changing perks, or a flaw system where you do not get a perk point but some tradeoff, for example: Go Slow, Reach Farther: If time is money you are rich. You cannot sprint anymore, but you walking speed is increased by 25%. Nerves of Glass: Spacer's Choice developed a neuro optical implant allowing for fast reflexes, unfortunately the glass wires can break easily. TTD time increased by 100%, health decreased by 50%. Far Sighted: +50% damage at distances above 15 meters, -50% damage below 5 meters. Space Ninja: You get 40points
  4. It was because of the daylight saving time apparently. Once I triggered Windows to update the time, the game would work again.
  5. Game crashed after rerouting power and exiting a dialog with Reed. After returning to the desktop, I wanted to restart the game, but just before my cursor reached the icon, it just disappeared. The game however is installed, according to the store, and it remains in the start menu. But starting does nothing at all. It does not seem to be crashing to be precise, it is like it does not even start at all, it does not show up in the task manager, and I found nothing in the event log either. Restarted my machine then tried again. I went to use the repair and reset options in Windows 10
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