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  1. Hey! Just wanted to follow up on this by saying, when I finished the game, it did indeed tell me that "Parvati did not survive the adventure" even tho she was with me when I finished the game.
  2. Spoilers for Parvati questline So I'm playing on Hard difficulty (NOT Supernova), and my Parvati Quest "Don't Bite The Sun" has been marked as botched while on the step "Give Parvati the Food", and the reason for it in the quest description says "Parvati was killed." Parvati can't die since I'm not playing on Supernova. Furthermore, she is in my party 95% of the time including right this very moment. She's alive and well. But the quest is botched. How this appears to have happened is: I had just gotten done doing the portion of the questline in Cascadia where you get the candy or what
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