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  1. Tried it, it somehow finds a way to break it out of nowhere, I did play quite a bit but I am kinda turned off at this point, no doubt its a great game but ATM all I have is an Ultrawide.
  2. They don't work for everyone....I tried the ini edits, they reset during certain parts of the game, the program messes up my game and I still cant use Fullscreen so its tanking some of my performance. This is priced as a full 59.99 game where I am, I expect better, say what you will...I rather enjoy other games that do work, hell Greedfall, a way more indie release did better on this front. Hell at least in New Vegas I can mod it to work perfectly, if they don't wanna fix this I hope they have modding tools on the way....
  3. Same exact issue, same quest line where it started, very odd. Hopefully they patch it soon.
  4. Played for 10 hours, now getting crashes 100% of the time trying to go back to Edgewater Ryzen 3600 AMD 5700 16GB 3200mhz Ram All drivers updated, bios, windows, GPU, Chipset, etc...
  5. I would to at this point, I have gamepass though, still this game is prtty much the only game I been looking forward to in like 2 years...pretty upsetting.
  6. Gotta say that is pretty lame, it really should not be a big fix...kinda wish this game had mod tools...
  7. We just want it fixed tbh, weird that they would stop a dev from fixing it, even if its only accounting for minimal sales..its probably not the hardest fix.
  8. I don't get this issue or any with the 19.10.1 also...just the ultrawide is really the only issue I seen so far. I get weird stutters when first loading in but after 10 seconds its fluid.
  9. Doesn't work for Gamepass/WS version...I hope they fix this, I am getting a lot of frame pacing issues also in windowed fullscreen which makes it very bad to play, my PC is way above required specs also: AMD 5700, AMD 3600, 16GB 3200mhz ram, only 2560x1080p. Is this true also?
  10. Same issue here, resolution: 2560x1080p. Been waiting for your game since I heard the announcement but hard to play like this, my copies on MS Store...Just wanna be able to use Fullscreen mode at the correct resolution, gives me stretched 16:9. Good luck patching it, looking forward to playing.
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