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  1. Reiterating the OP's question: Has it been confirmed that the game supports 5.1 surround sound on Win10 PC + gamepass?
  2. I also liked Lilya a lot more than I expected to. I'm not done with the game yet, but she's one of my favorite characters so far.
  3. That is rather stunningly beautiful! Thanks for sharing. How did the thing taste?
  4. I've noticed that sometimes I receive more weapon/armor parts than the description indicates when I am breaking things down. Is this a function of the science/engineering skill, or is something else affecting the chance to get extra parts? Also, if you break things down on your ship, do you still get Parvati's +10% bonus to gain a mod? Or is it better to break things down "in the field" (outside of the ship) with her as a companion, as it mentions in her description?
  5. Not being able to drink out of the toilets made me pretty sad. I also like to sit in a chair and look around for a little while in each new area, so I wish that was an option. I did find that you can drop items to view them - in the player's ship I have a nice little collection of model spaceships/music boxes/tossball cards going, though I'm not able to move them after dropping them.
  6. One thing I was impressed with was how gently they portrayed an asexual character - I can't remember a game where such a lifestyle (in the rare event it was even mentioned) wasn't presented as a punchline or a thing to be ridiculed/pitied. I experienced quite a few feels vicariously, helping her through a rather silly (but sweet) line of quests to woo her sweetheart.
  7. The silencer mods can only be applied to firearms with a 'barrel' slot on them - oddly enough you can put a silencer on a shotgun or a grenade launcher, but not on many of the pistols.
  8. I agree on the save on quit - even if it immediately deleted the save after loading, it's important for a game to have a "quick exit" option when real life calls. I also would like to see a change in the way the "companions can die" element is handled on Supernova - give them a bleed-out timer, or, since their corpse seems to be persistent, let us heft them on our shoulders and slow-walk our way back to the ship to use the magic of technology to bring them back, maybe at a hefty cost. An incentive to keep them alive, and guard them during combat, but not just a "sigh - Havarti just ran up to another group of Primals while I was running away and started swinging, time to reload" sort of deal.
  9. I just started the game this evening (through XGP-PC), and I had to force myself to stop playing for the night. It plays so far like a distillation of New Vegas and BioShock, with a little bit of RAGE and Borderlands tossed in. To my shock in didn't crash once in the four hours I played it. It's running really well on my machine (i5/16GB/1060 6G/1920x1080), and I'm getting 40+ FPS on Ultra, so I'm a happy gamer. I love the vibrant colors and the ambient life - I ran into a creature that looked like a cross between a snake and a flatworm, which was pretty nifty. The trees and other flora look great. Also, thanks for letting us holster our weapon by holding R! I hate it when we have to run around holding our gun out in front of us like a fool at all times. Supernova difficulty has been satisfying so far, though I've noticed that water seems to be a lot harder to come by than food. About four hours in I think I have 25+ food items and only about three non-alcohol drink items.
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