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  1. I 200% approve of the kill cam and companion cinematic disabling. Kill cams when you play a sniper are pure waste of good crits and buffs, there are perks that allow for extra crit chances, spread removal and so on after a kill, but if after your kill there is a kill cam by the time you have re-focused your aim on the next target all those buffs are gone. There is something that I believe might be a bug, but if it's a feature I would like to suggest changing it : when you equip a companion with a helmet that has a bonus on skills that bonus doesn't apply. It makes no sense specially when you consider that skill bonuses on armor on the other hand apply to your companion so why not helmets ? Another thing is the fact that some helmets show slots for mods but I've never been able to add a single mod to them even the mods that state they're for armor and helmets Finally this is a feature request and not a bug : When you are crouching and ask your companions to hold a position they stop sneaking and walk there then stand there in plain sight, I would like them to stay in stealth as long as you do even if you asked them to stand their ground somewhere. I play a stealth sniper and watching my companions walk in front of my enemies when I try to stay hidden is maddening.
  2. I completely agree with this, I love survival but don't care for high difficulties and restrictions on sleeping location, in fact I believe it's completely aberrant in a survival situation not to be able to sleep in the wild when you need it. So a separate survival mode that can be activated in any game difficulty would be awesome.
  3. I am wondering if it's a bug or a feature that I don't understand but I wonder why once you have a good reputation with a faction and get discounts when buying from them, some vending machines of that company will give you the discount but other not. It's even more puzzling that it happens in the same world, in one location you get the dicsount for one company but not another but on another location it might be neither or the other way around. It never happens with NPC vendors, just vending machines.
  4. You can remove the arrows and many other things on PC by accessing this file : c:\local\"your username here"\AppData\Local\Indiana\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini Make sure to have a backup of the original file just in case There are two lines to change : EnemyAwarenessMeterMode=On --- change to off bShowEnemyAwarenessMeters=True --- change to false read through the file you'll see there are many other UI parameters you can change. If you're on console though I'm sorry
  5. Agreed with eris_c, for me what is lacking immersion wise is more "environmental" things like really dark nights but also a slower day/night cycle, NPC schedules (going to eat and sleep and shops should be closed at night) and also a way to know the ingame time (if it exists I haven't found it yet) As is the game is great but feels more like a single day frozen forever or a play where the actors are all in place and frozen there not a living breathing world.
  6. I came here to post about the exact same thing. I love this game but on this point it has the same failing that most other open world RPG have been having these last years, developers are confusing the people who like to role play at living in the world with the people who like challenges. Eating, sleeping and not fast traveling everywhere are not really an added challenge to be honest, except very early on, and many players find it an annoyance more than a challenge anyway in terms of enjoyment. Those things appeal to "life role playing" gamers and in that category you have both players who are more interested in the story and the choices and those who like a challenge and hard combat. So ideally the role playing elements should be separated from the difficulty to really be ideal for everyone. Luckily as someone pointed above mods are already here to make things more to our liking, I just hope the devs will take this into account for the future.
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