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  1. No time to respond at length, but I appreciate the list. I have many of the games you suggest already. It's funny, but mel's game was some funny very low budget game that was mostly text with merely a nod at graphics. Terribly clunky, but fun as hell. That was some time ago. Now, along with what I see on Hawke's list, I now need to purchase Stygian reign of the old ones. Damn it! However, in such a terrible year, at least we have games. I think, sometimes, facing crazy assed darkness in games makes us feel better about facing dark realities in real life. Anyhow, thanks, guys. I'll definitely chime in after I've had the chance to try the suggestions. This board is funny in that I've always gotten good pointers here.
  2. First, Hawke, I want you to recommend a game for me. In my years following and often stalking without posting, I've found your input useful. Ironically, considering your quote, I've found mel's advice useful also. I still have that quirky little Lovecraft game that he recommended. Hell, I've finished it twice! Meanwhile, I started Amulet of Naheulbeuk (or something like that). I was playing it on hard. I guess 3rd highest setting out of 4? I was managing to muddle through the fights, but I don't have the time to patients for that, so I put it on 2 out of 4. Now I roll everying. I don't care. I get such little time to let loose. I don't want challenge so much as distraction.
  3. So much to observe. I will say, I still say it's Biden's to lose. This is especially true since early voting came in before people realized that this is truly a binary election. No, not Trump or not Trump. It's Trump or Biden. Will the thousands... tens... hundreds of thousands... millions? of Demosthenes carry the day? Probably. For a recovering nihilist like me, defeat isn't forgone. It's a way of life. Still, it's really interesting. If there really is a shy voter in any number, this will be interesting. I'll give permission in advance for the anti-Trumpers to gloat if he loses. They were going to do that in any event, of course. They really want nothing more than to gloat. We're alike in this, however. When Trump won in 2016, I had pity on the people who thought he was terrible. I assiduously avoided sounding triumphant. I imagine the leftists will spare no time stuffing crow down my throat. This time, if we win, it's time to remind them that you. threw. every. thing. at. US! If we win this time, stop trying to destroy the fabric of our society. Stop trying to pit us against each other. Start trying to have reasonable and rational conversations. Stop trying to be lawyers and try being decent and amenable human beings for once. BTW: I'll forgo responding to people who's mantras ping pong between "muslim ban" and "Fox news" (as if I didn't have a better record in understanding the electorate than these misguided people) and simply point out the irony of Hurlshot, for whom I have a certain fondness, calling me out for ambiguity and then citing his gut feelings after a 60 Minutes segment. Aw, who am I kidding. I'm fond of everyone here. Even the terrible hypocrites.
  4. Finished Pathfinder. Now, I will say that I wasn't enamored of the writing, but a few story lines did catch me a little. Tristian's story of redemption combined with his ragged heart appeal to the bad guy in his quest line not to succumb to hatred was brilliant. A couple others were nice enough. I didn't really *love* them, per se, but I liked them a lot. The only one that came close to the blind cleric was . It was smaltzy, but it wasn't over the top and I thought it was a good ending. I really rather enjoyed it and it did tug a little at the heartstrings, assuming ol' drunks have heart strings to tug.
  5. Good God, man! The hypocrisy! lol Okay, just thought I would pop in and say I still think this is Biden's race to lose. I think he's got the definite edge. Of course, I thought that about Clinton in 2016. The polls are starting to more mirror the ones in 2016, but I have a couple reasons not to take it the result will be the same. Well... maybe three. One, the polls are a little better for Biden still. Not a whole lot, but the last election was decided by tiny margins in a small number of states. Two, the pollsters are being more careful. At least, there are more polls, but of course the general public still foolishly focuses on national polls that are more ubiquitous. Three, a *lot* of early voting has already occurred. With that in mind, assuming the early vote mimics the early polls within the margin of error, that's bad news for Trump. A Biden administration will be a nightmare, but what can you do. The low information voters (I *might* actually pop in to see if that got a rise out of highly educated/low information lecturers in these parts) will hate on Trump for his personal foibles, but Biden is a flesh golem enthralled to the forces of the left, and the worst thing about them isn't a socialist agenda. It's a self-loathing hatred of the very country that has afforded them the opportunity to attack it.
  6. I'm plugging away at Pathfinder: Kingmaker as I can. Great game. The writers aren't all that great, but they have their moments. Huge game.
  7. I always try at least to look over the last few posts when I come to this thread. I also *always* come to this thread no matter where else I go for the past several months. I'm going to make a simple statement to start: my friend Gorth is very Jeffersonian. There's a grand and long tradition among some of the best thinkers to lean anarchist. I pray that true anarchy doesn't come until long after you're gone. The anarchy writ small that you describe? Enjoy it before it takes over everything. Anarchy writ grand is your undoing. Democracy must live its day between tyranny and anarchy. Well.. maybe that's the recovering nihilist talking. Anyhow, I never buy into people arguing against the polls. Trump did overperform them in the last election. I suspect he will overperform him in the next election. Still, unless they tighten considerably, however, I can't see them being *this* wrong. However, while I won't make apologist arguments, unlike some of the double or triple hypocrites here, I still think Trump voters should show up to the polls. Just because your guy might lose is never an excuse to stay at home. The Biden people can afford to relax and stay at home. They've got the numbers. Trump Righteous supporters might lose, but make them count your vote!
  8. Yeah, happy birthday, Comrade. So, my old smoker has been working great for some time. I love it, but it's a real pain sometimes because it's a charcoal based smoker which means I have to babysit the BBQ. For those of you who smoke beef, pork, or whatever, you know how long that is. So, I'm actually kind of cheap, but I want something that will manage itself a bit more, and I've considered getting a pellet smoker. No soaking chunks. No having an offset tray for smoking chips. No micromanaging the smoke for hours at a time. I see things that range from a few hundred to a few thousand. I typically don't like to drop the coin for these things, but once I do, I tend to get as big a beast as I need. I refuse, on principle, to spend more than two grand on it, but I also have loved this backwater community for giving me advice that has *actually* been useful. Don't leave me hanging. I know there are some of you who know a bit about the smoke. Give me a couple tips about a good place to look. I've done my research, but one to two thousand dollars is a chunk o' coin for the humble likes o' mehself. Also, poultry lends itself to rotisserie, but not as much to smoking in my experience. Maybe a pellet driven smoker that could smoke good poultry or waterfowl would be most welcome.
  9. Thought I'd stop by since I was already here. There is no way in hell that the polls are *that* wrong. I don't see Trump winning this. If the polls are wrong by that amount in that many states, it is all havoc! Doesn't mean people shouldn't vote for Trump. Just means that they should do so with their eyes open and without their head in the sand.
  10. My (adopted) nephew was chatting with me before the 5th edition game yesterday and he was talking about how the submariner school is challenging but he feels good about it. Then he says he'll feel proud when I pin his dolphins on him. You know, I don't come around here all the time, but it's kind of cool to come somewhere I'm anonymous to be able to say how happy this makes me feel. I don't want to post about it on any social media because, frankly, I'm going to convince him to let a "blood" family member do it. I think it will cause familial strife, but the idea that the kid, a naval academy graduate, thinks enough of a sorry old drunkard like me to ask is... words fail. ...And he's only one of three strapping Lads. One passed the Bar earlier this year. The third is doing well studying to be a paralegal. The three of them range from Bernie Bro to "Bernie is too far to the right!" You can imagine political discussions are lively and often heated, but I love the Lads. Great men, one and all. As I get older, eternal things like Country and Church start to matter to me less. God, not the church, is my guide. The world can, and eventually will, survive without my country. As painful as it is to admit, we're not indispensable. Friendship is. EDIT: I was a bit worried about how one statement would be understood, so I changed it to one just as true.
  11. I've been transferring batches of mead from primary to secondary fermenters. I went a little puree happy on the previous three, so it's been tough to clarify. In the case of the pear, peach, and plum, I've made about as much sauce with a high alcohol content as I've made mead. Damn it! Live and learn. In all seriousness, if you guys lived closer, I'd treat you to a round or two of the latest stuff I've had aging. We could fight and argue and solve all the world's problems. That's how it is, of course. I'm a rather big, gregarious, and menacing looking fellow until you get to know me, but I'm softer than a Teddy bear in my heart and wouldn't even use an unkind word without serious provocation. It would be great to sit down and sip a brew or two and come to realize that, no matter how bad this year has been, we're all brothers-in-arms. Sisters too, Red.
  12. The results are mixed, but I think the current polling supports a Biden win over Trump in the debates. Meh. I can admit I'm wrong, but being wrong about these things is only as significant as the end result. So, when someone snips 13 to 15 words out of this text as a concession, keep in mind that current polling doesn't make any difference. I tend to believe in the fundamental science behind polling, but it has had some significant errors in the past. There might be some genius, a real braniac, who can tell you what's going to happen in this election, but most people who make such claims, regardless of whether or not they're true, are either fools or liars. No one in our lifetime has had the sheer number of random variables in an election year as we've had in 2020. I'm a recovering nihilist, so I tend separate my religious conviction from my rational assessment, but it's hard not to wonder who broke the ****ing mirror this year. Seriously, WTF? So, I'll stick by my previous statements. Not because of Robert's rules or some other dismissive statement from the Demonsthenes among us, but because it's just good form. I called it likely for Biden, but this Covid-19 thing is really interesting. ...And, as someone who has cared for Covid patients and had Covid coworkers, I do get tired of the "think of the children!" arguments. I'm putting my money where my mouth is. My actions attend my prayers. The president coming down with Covid-19 one month before the election? If his campaign doesn't start running, "Covid, I'm facing it with you!" ads, they deserve to lose. I have never been more invested nor more confounded by an election in my life. ...And I have donated time, talent, and treasure to campaigns in the past. I can't stomach going door to door for Trump. It's just not in me, but I have donated to the RNC. Still feel stupid, but, like my actions, my money goes where my mouth dictates.
  13. Well, the only currently alive candidate just came down with Covid. I had this long explanation typed up, Garth, but it was too much. I have an appt in the morning, so I'm going to sit on this. IIRC, I think the party gets to put in the candidate if the candidate dies or drops, but I'm not sure and need to get sleep. God bless. Interesting Times.
  14. Yep, crazy just went insane. The Covid has shaped our world. I would chastise the disgusting people who will crow about the President testing positive, but I'm the disgusting person who's first thought is how it will impact the election. What a bunch of bastards we are.
  15. I've always wanted to visit the Land Down Undah. 'Course, right now would be a bad time. I'd be treated to a hotel... kind of like Hotel California. Check out any time you like, but you can never leave. Wait, that's the damned Kiwis, isn't it? <.< Anyhow, I'm starting to be more convinced I was right and Trump came out better after the debate. I get the point about softening his image, but that's too late. I moreso get the point about him letting Biden stumble all over himself. I think the left and right are wrong on this one. Conventional wisdom is that Trump really blew it by being rude, but I don't think so. I'm not saying I like the fact that he was rude. I just don't think it hurt him. As usual, I'm more looking at how it went down than pushing an agenda. That is to say, when I want to exhort people to put aside the ridiculous nonsense and vote a certain way, I'm up front about it. Most of the time, I'm merely making observations. Scoff at me. Fair enough. The proof isn't in holding forth here. The proof is in the result. Now, I've said Biden is probably winning this thing, but that's because I believe in putting my money where my mouth is. The reality is, I can't sort this election at all. I was pretty much spot on about the spread of the popular vote in the 2016 election. I also figured the house would fall in 2018 (yeah, genius!), but I also thought the republicans would hold on to Florida's governor's manion despite the polls. Republicans are generally outperforming the polls in Florida for the past few cycles, at least statewide, so maybe there's something amiss with the methodology or something. I think Trump probably wins Fla. If he doesn't, no need to worry about a long election night. I also have my doubts about Ohio being a tossup, but I think overall Trump's in trouble. The polls could be wrong. However, this isn't like the lying media (yeah, I know, hur hur hur FOX NEWS! I undoubtedly get news from more sources, and a wider variety, than most folks here). Anyhow, the media can get it wrong and even need to fire or call for resignations for bad stories. :waves to CNN: Pollsters and polling organizations have to protect their cred. Even if you want to shade the election by shading the polls, it doesn't work as well as it did and you can't move the needle if you're entirely discredited. Whatevah. We'll see.
  16. Facebook has literally caused nurses to get fired and, good Lord, having their licenses revoked. Even if the wife thinks it's okay to share information, the pt might not. Other family members might see if it she posts it on my page and tags her husband. Seriously, Bruce, there're too many ways for this to come back to haunt me. On the other hand, I make myself available. Home health means getting texts and calls all the time. In fact, I have one patient who literally called me for directions to the clinic from where he was. Of course, he gave me the wrong clinic. I'm even super careful about what I post on here, which is why I don't give ages or ethnicities and the like. I mean, if I were completely anonymous, I guess I could tell stories, but there are a couple people here who know who I am and one person with whom I actually *am* a Facebook friend. lol Granted, having known him for... 20 years? I trust him implicitly. :wry grin: Anyhow, today I'm up and looking at the various tasks I have to do and instead wasting time at Obsidz! I need to beat feet, get the hell out of Dodge, and start ta crackin'! Later alligator!
  17. Never having to do this (I've been a nurse since December), I would think so. I want to be kind about it. This is someone who is in some emotional distress. @BruceVC, it would be nuts for me to be Facebook friendies with patients and families. What if she were to post something about her husband on my page? There are so many chances for a HIPAA violation that it's astounding. I think what I'll do is simply talk to my boss and set aside a little extra time after patient care to talk with both pt and wife. It's home health and caring for patients often means caring for family too, at least in being available and talking and whatnot. ...And, hell, since my travel down the FNP track got pushed off since I don't have a preceptor, I have a little extra time. Home health is weird. Frankly, I liked the hospital better. Just couldn't do school and NOC shift very well and when my wife started working from home, it was downright impossible. I guess I get paid more per hour now, but I'd go back to the hospital per diem in a heartbeat if I could.
  18. Gotta take a break from the political stuff, although I enjoy reading the thread. Guilty pleasure, I guess. Anyway, two things are apparent today. The Covid-19 craze has made it so I can't get a preceptor anywhere from LA to the High Desert to SD, the OC, and, most importantly, the IE. I think I'm going to be forced to drop the adult and aging family. However, at least I'll get my money back and, technically, I shouldn't be able to take it until next semester. They let me take a pre-requisite concurrently. Aw well, that's life. The other thing is work related. The wife of one of my patients has sent me a friend request on Facebook. Now, I *really* freak out if I have a friends list greater than 40. I like to be able to visit and disappear on my own terms. However, that's irrelevant. I can't have patients and their families on social media. It's unethical and unprofessional. She was upset about stuff last time and I stayed for about 20 minutes after attending to the patient so she could have someone with whom to talk. Nothing untoward. The patient was also in the room talking at the same time. Still, the thing is, while that clearly was seen as an invitation, I can't see doing anything different. What am I supposed to do? This is someone who also needs help. I'll figure out some way to defuse the situation, but I can't "hang out" with patients outside of work. It's seriously not a good arrangement. Something I had kind of thought of in a remote sense, but now that it's in my face it's just... weird. Good people, though, so no need to be hurtful. Just have to figure out the best way forward.
  19. Yeah, *I'm* the one from an alternate earth. *I'm* the one residing in the echo chamber. :scoff: Name the source of the test and I'll take the "information" challenge. Actually, no time for the nonsense. :bemused smile: Seriously, I've generally thought Grom was a decent enough guy, but his take on political reality is silly. There are a couple of you chumps who surprise me with probing and predictive remarks. Pidesco, you glorious bastard, are not among them. Probably Zor or that one irritating fellow who apparently isn't around any more. ...But, hey, I'm just an uneducated boomer! lol
  20. Fair enough, but the suggestion Biden is a better candidate is rubbish. He's not even a candidate. He's a self-proclaimed placeholder. I never used to feel true animosity over politics until President Obama. I prayed for his good health every day, but he, not Trump, was the real enemy of the press. Seriously, look at the number of counter-espionage investigations during the Obama presidency. He trained the IRS and FBI on his political opponents whom he described, on at least one occasions, as "enemies." Trump says mean things about the press and people say he's the enemy. Why hasn't that sunk him? Because people believe it. I might get a nonsensical, personal, and mentally dishonest attack for saying the truth, but people should at least recognize the truth. The press is not trusted. This is the all-in election. This is not like the other "most important election." This election, 2020, is the most important American election of our lifetimes. If we win, we bring the press down. Chaos will ensure, but that might be the door through which we might arrive at order. Probably not. We're probably screwed.
  21. Yeah, the debate was crazy town. I, personally, think Trump is in trouble. The polls are not always right, but they tend not to be *that* wrong. I agree with folks who think they're skewed right now, but I don't think the margin is that great. Could be, though. Crazy times and people are afraid to express support for Trump. I unabashedly exhort folks to vote for the president, but, as you guys know, I'm eminently ignorable. :rueful grin: So, how far off are the polls? Right now? It's not as simple as that. Apart from nonsense meant to muddy the waters, I was pretty much spot on about the state of the polls not only in 2016, but also 2018, which I'd stated before the election. It's just that there wasn't a lot of surprise in 2018, other than ballot harvesting in CA turning a major defeat into a route. That, and Trump is truly reviled in California so even though it looked like an Orange Co win for Republicans, the late ballot harvesting didn't have as far to go as if there had been sufficient excitement in the base to shore up the day. All that said, I think the debate was better for Trump than Biden. I don't think either "won" the debate. In fact, they looked really bad. However, the public already thinks Trump is bad. The pundits who say he needs to soften that image to win...? :scoff: In one month? Yeah, that's not going to happen. Biden is supposed to be the nice guy. Biden is supposed to be able to stand up to the crazies in his base. Biden is supposed to return us to normal, so inasmuch as he starts yelling at people to shut up and and calling people names, he's no better than Trump. I do think Trump went too far. So what? Who thought Trump wasn't going to go into the debate and throw everything including the bidet at his opponent? Trump is a blunt instrument. Biden is a dull one. I think Trump hate may well win the day, but this debate didn't help Biden and may well have hurt him a little. That's contrary to the assessment of the left and the right wing press, but it's my honest take.
  22. Tell me about it. I've never won an Obsidz popularity contest, but I would probably come out on top of an unpopularity one. <.< Kind of an odd place to have a board popularity discussion though. On the other hand, what are these boards if not multiplayer RPG? EDIT: I actually wish I had access to the old BIS stuff. I created a board game there that I thought was pretty funny. Damn, that was a long time ago.
  23. Still plugging away at Kingmaker when I get the chance. That and we have a weekly 5th edition campaign that I'm planning to cut down to every other week or monthly.
  24. The unrest doesn't stem from Marxist ideology. I personally find Marxism terrible, but it's a starting point for discussion. KP is partly correct. Some of these people in the streets are anarchists in denial. Many of them are anarchists in Marxist clothing. Then there are the fools who suggest that the real reason we have unrest is because of Trump. Sure. And the sheer amounts of credulous fools who spout this nonsense might carry the day. Yeah, it's pretty grim for folks on our side. We don't have quite such fabulous acoustics as the liberal echo chambers that surround us. It is not impossible to win, though. Remember, to steal from a great statesman, to endure is to conquer. It's funny, the love trumps hate crowd carry on with a tremendous amount of personal attacks while completely overlooking or denying (and sometimes just lying) about the irony. Not just incongruity, but steeped in layers of oddity. I had a patient last week who started talking politics. Now, I *never* lie about politics, but I refuse to discuss it at work. It's simply unprofessional. I get people who talk politics to me from both sides and I always smile and say that I won't talk politics until there is no need to talk healthcare. ...And I'm home health, so I'm on my own. Anyhow, this person says that he/she would throw me out of the house if I said I was voting for Trump. The weird thing is that Trump supporters are often gregarious and loud, but anti-Trumpers are usually hostile in my experience. You can say that's anecdotal. :shrug: A meaningless if true observation, but whatev. Now, I was already getting along with this patient and I smoothed it over just fine, of course. While I'm a competent nurse in terms of skills, my biggest asset is interpersonal in terms of de-escalation and convincing patients to agree to follow a treatment plan. Now, since I'm an attentive guy who's concerned about patient health, this person came around nicely but the idea that you'd throw out a healthcare professional over politics makes you simply foolish. Of course, I've also seen people bristle at getting care from Hispanic healthcare professionals, which is the epitome of at least xenophobia if not out and out racism. Good thing my Hispanic heritage doesn't show. The funny thing is, I've never seen someone act that way about black healthcare professionals, which is weird since some of them kind of act like they wouldn't like black people. I think it's because it's easier to be anti-immigrant than racist in our society. Both are simply terrible, of course. Yeah, I know someone can make that statement a basis for attacking Trump. To be clear, I think we should have stronger borders, but I don't think we should treat people poorly, and the majority of my patients have been minority. A good number have been Hispanic illegal immigrants (mostly Mexican). I'm not going to treat them like second class citizens just because I believe our immigration should be better enforced. :bemused smile: What a world we live in!
  25. Hey now! Bite me! My cat is not an avatar of schizophrenia. Still, while .y my seal friend is clearly a doofus, I'll own that I've always been a little put off by the Minsc shtick. Edit: Clearly should wait until later to post further.
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