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  1. I agree. So boring. So is the beginning when you're controlling T3. It makes me cry. Peragus is the most ZZzzZZZzzz-planet in KOTOR II
  2. Request: PRESS CAPS LOCK -BUTTON ONCE MORE IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE ANY MORE POSTS, please! Jedi Exile gets my vote, there is more depht in her background and story than Revans.
  3. Nile - Ramses bringer of war
  4. I played through KOTOR as a female character, then KOTOR 2 as a female char again. Why?, because there is enough male villains/heroes in SW universe + when I play game that lasts about 30h, I would be rather watching good-looking female than male who looks like a Jesus for an example. Once decided to try male exile (with jesus-portrait of course ), I came to same conclusion as babydol. Male exile gets all the fun-stuff: Handmaiden (good for plot-wise, more clues about Kreia's past identity + battle precognition), instead females get annoying and naive jedi-fanboy that doesn't have an
  5. My favourite is Mira, I just love her attitude, second would be Visas.
  6. Nile - Unas Slayer Of The Gods
  7. Any ideas what to do or should I start a new game straight away ?
  8. To able to run KOTOR 2 I have disable one core while playing.
  9. System specs: Intel Core 2 Duo e6600 nVidia 8800GTS 320mb 2gb of ram Windows Vista Premium 64-bit version I have already downloaded that Vista fix.
  10. Well I am not very Bao-Dur with computers either. So it seems that my save is Fu**ed up. Pretty annoying because I don't have time to play so often nowadays and 12h of playtime in vain. Very happy now... Sash: Latest patch and just updated video card drivers on last sunday
  11. Nar Shaddaa is my first planet; I did some quests, Visquis contacts me, I got captured and I sent Atton and Hanharr rescue my exile. After the rescue operation I beat up Zez-Kai-Ell (or whatever he is called) and return to my ship. But when I step up to Ebon Hawk; loading screen appears and it loads for while then game just crashes and I get lovely "KOTOR 2 isn't responding"-error. I try to load from another save but it didn't help either + I noticed that game also crashes if I go to party selection screen. These propblems appeared only after when Visquis invited my exile to Jekk Jekk tar.
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