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  1. My two fav old games are HoMM III and Starcraft Brood War also Fallouts 1 & 2 was great and from MMO I love RuneScape
  2. I'm still stuck in Fallout 4, I played less than in the other Fallouts. I found my childhood game: Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail! I have a fondness for this game, but this is not really a logic game. Sometimes a solution is needed, but the game itself is quite ingenious. Well, I remembered looking for cucumbers
  3. Stellaris is great and I heard some about relics but it's first time when I see trailer and it looks great. I usually try to avoid DLC games, but Stellaris is a completely different story. I love such atmosphere from the times when I was a child. It's similar to my favorite LEGO series - Rock Raiders.
  4. Styx - Man in the Wilderness Song from 1977, but if I had to choose a song as a background for my life, I would choose this.
  5. I slept well for the first time in several days, despite the fact that I did not sleep longer than usual. It seems to me that I have discovered a way to feel good after waking up. Tonight I will test this way again. 30 minutes before falling asleep, I take a small tablet with magnesium. Next to the bed I put a glass with water and aloe. I set the alarm clock for 3 hours after the first falling asleep, I wake up, I go to the toilet, I drink a lot of mineral water, I go to sleep again. When I wake up again (without an alarm clock), I drink water with aloe and go to sleep further. My head did not hurt, I do not even know when I started to work and it took me a moment to realize "Hey, I'm doing my job well and I'm fine." For me, to sleep well is the most important part of the day. Is I going to sleep well or not define my whole day. Life is beautiful when you feel like you are 21 again.
  6. Heroes of Might & Magic 3 with my friend on LAN
  7. I have not bought a game for a long time. I play titles that I have already purchased, I also prefer F2P games. If I remember correctly, I recently bought Elder Scrolls Online. I am not currently playing ESO, I am waiting for a big patch for ESO (I think it will be published in June or July)
  8. I'm at the stage of going through all the Fallouts that have arisen (including Tactics, Ressurection and Restoration, of course along with the HD mod) I am currently playing Fallout New Vegas and discovering this game anew. Most have already forgotten, some have never discovered. Anyway, FO NV is my favorite Fallout 3D version and I'm happy. that Obsidian showed how Fallout could look like I also play Albion Online, my friends recommended this game before, but then I had to pay for it. Now Albion is free to play, and I have to admit that it is a solid MMO. In my opinion, Albion's transition to the F2P mode is the best decision that developers could take.
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