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  1. I am so surprised nobody wants to murder me in retro H2. I don't blame you for your fear, guys. :yucky:

    How is the multi on H2 these days? Obviously it used to be thriving but with H3 and especially COD biting off huge shares of the online users, is it still active?


    Its active. Easy to get a match. Dunno why Nick_i_am won't come. He probably fails to load Lockout or something. :shifty:

  2. Interests: Stargate


    Is that you, walkerguy? :down:


    I just found this topic- no its not me, dumb***. :lol:



    edit: Yippe for spam thread!

  3. It took me forever to find where to trigger the fight. I don't know if it always happens to the right of the Sandcrawler, but I was ready for a real fight. I laid some mines, put a few stims on, only to find that Jagi and his Rodians die almost instantly. How many people end up doing this quest, and how many of you overestimate Jagi?


    And its interesting. This is sort of repeated in K2 when Canderous meets those scattered Mandalorians.

  4. Yes it took my 4th playthrough to use the order required to trigger that.


    Any body remember the trial on manaan where you must anwser the questions correctly... I kid you guys not it took me almost 11 trys to get it right my first playthrough .. at first I thought I did something wrong and was so pissed about it..


    It only took me 2 (1 failure). I figured out I had to ditch the Arbiter. Besides that, its easy. Just keep making LS responses.

  5. Revan, who had arrived on Manaan with Bindo searching for a Star Map, offered to serve as Arbiter in his trial.


    The case involving Sunry will only appear in the game if the player goes to Manaan after retrieving Jolee from Kashyyyk.


    Ahh. I have never gone to Kashyyyk before Manaan. I do my favorites first. So no Bindo = no quest at hotel, then.

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