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  1. I'm not sure why we're arguing about canon or not... quite honestly, neither should effect the story line much. I think Obsidian purposefully made the game end in a place that was exactly the same regardless of alignment and sex. You're going off alone to find and help Revan who is fighting the True Sith.


    Sure, you can tell it LFRevan & LFExile but all that's going to do is perhaps change which characters show up in a few cut scenes.


    Personally I'd like a little more specific wrap ups to Revan's & the Exile's stories, but it's just not going to happen.


    I think most people would probably want K1 & K2 to matter for K3. "quite honestly, neither should effect the story line much" Thats what I actually came to a conclusion of. At first I thought no canon would be great but then I said wait... why does it even matter?


    Close canon arguments for now, no?

  2. That odd font change thing still comes from time to time, just temporarily for 1 page and then goes away again for a very long time and returns yet again temporarily. Its just odd. :wub:

  3. Why really does canon matter? Is it not pretty much what "was intended" for the "real story" or something like that? As long as K3 is not modeled for the canon option, it is really irrelevant whether it exists, no? Now whether or not K3 respects K1 & K2 canon is another matter. It is unfair to respect K1 & K2 canon for those who did not follow it whereas it is nearly impossible to form a game otherwise.


    If the Exile and Revan are part of the story, then parts of the game must be based off their previous actions which will most likely have to be "told to the game" through somebody.


    Thats my thoughts.


    * Also about what I mentioned here, would it be wise to include K1 characters? (Of course assuming canon was accounted for.)

    * Oh and I've found that Architect is speculating the exact same thing here. Good points. Any way you go, it leads to a fight (if thats the mood, which I believe would only be a potential possibility).

  4. I don't think we need a machine to tell us the influence, I think the characters should just have different starting lines when you talk to them so that you can pretty much know where your influence is. So with little influence they'll say "Go away I hate you" but with a lot of influence they'll say "What can I do to serve you master?" or something like that.


    Yes, yes, yes. I agree. Influence machines would be too spoiling.


    So am I the only person who *never* touched the forms button?


    I could never figure it out and rarely used it unless it was obvious. (1v1 form or something)




    Overall in the current K3 argument, I think no canon would be incredible.


    I really just go generally with some of you others ideas for K3, but for the beginning?


    What if the PC was a force-sensitive that a third "secret sith" (ie Nihilius, Sion) was trying to recruit. You "tell" the sith whether you were DS or LS, Male or Female in K1 & K2, and that determines who comes and gets you when the Republic arrives at the eleventh hour and a siege begins at some sith world just outside republic space. It could be anyone from Jolee to Atton, but someone familiar. After that, you are taken to the republic flagship to see Carth, if you told the sith accordingly for him to be alive, or someone else if needed. You tell them that you had found a hint as to where Revan is in sith space. If you want to be DS, theres appropriate [Lie] options, etc. Once in sith space you investigate the planet. It has a relatively low tech race, and sith ruins like Korriban. Somehow around there the Exile finds you. Depending on alignment, perhaps the DS Exile is in the ruins, doing something evil :ermm: or the LS Exile arrives after getting similar intel about the planet, and you and him/her meet. You are partyless at that point, with a republic fleet in orbit. (maybe you can get a "unimportant" party member on the world, a Mission-level of importance for example) (LS/Exile LS/K3) & LS/Exile DS/K3) story is to inform the republic fleet and join the exile on the ebon hawk where whatever characters are there, I have no idea as per K2 cut content. (Note for DS/K3: Work your trickery among the LS if you are DS, you can betray everyone later) As I mentioned Jolee before, K1 members such as Jolee or Juhani are working with the republic (LS Revan, etc) depending on K1 gender one of them visits the ebon hawk, and helps the Exile in giving you training, before returning to the fleet. The republic fleet should then leave, either for the reason that sith space is too dangerous, or that it is needed elsewhere, whatever. The ebon hawk then travels to another planet in search of revan. The search will seem kind of "look for star map" style, but with awesome twists as per K1 and K2 genders and alignments, mostly that of K2 as only the exile is with you at this point. On the next planet you discover intel that opens up nearly a hundred worlds. The ebon hawk p/c, though still locked, snycs with the new charts and several worlds appear your galaxy map, apparently some of those that had been locked. (So not all 100 planets, ok?, only a handful had synced) Obviously the most critical worlds such as wherever revan is is not on this map, but those that are are the worlds you explore.


    Bonus*One of them is a exile mandalorian outpost. Maybe there should be some potential to tell Canderous of it for his search. So on and so forth, the beginning is wrapped up. You progress through your training, so on and so forth.


    DS Exile LS/K3 & DS/K3: Once in sith space you investigate the planet. It has a relatively low tech race, and sith ruins like Korriban. While in the ruins, and regardless of your alignment you have a controntation and are captured easily by the Exile and are taken aboard the Ebon Hawk. K3/LS a new party member rescues you escapes you to a world of your choice of of that galaxy chart which had already been found by DS Exile. You never discovered the Exile's intentions. Probably find Revan, but what about their interest in you? And even the third sith? There is something about yourself that you must discover. Probably not a good enough twist, I think. Too ordinary. "I don't know why I'm important, find out" ;) You find some grey jedi or something (a force user to train you basically) then you can go about with the rest of the stroy. (Probably you'd get this member in LS Exile as well)


    DS Exile/ DS :sorcerer:


    A headstart. Cut the crap, you get training from the DS Exile. You get nice DS members.


    *Bonus: Maybe for HK-47, you only get him in DS/DS or if you insist on LS, perhaps a DS Revan alignment works out to get you HK.


    I'm not too good a speculator and all this K1 & K2 alignments to influence the K3 story makes it even more difficult. Think about all the possibilities. Not only does there have to be different events for each alignment, but also some for gender, and extras for extra choices, of course. Maybe K3 hasn't been made cause its going to be a pain in the ***, especially with canon issues. You will almost surely have to tell someone in the beginning nearly every detail of your K1 and K2 playthroughs. :lol:


    Well what do you all think about that, for a beginning?



    *Also should speaking to NPCs be a one-time or repeated (like K1-2)? (One time being if you tried to ask the same question they'd call you a moron.)

  5. I think its cheap to have measures of things you really wouldn't have at all in reality. As a video game, some things are necessary such as health and will meters but something like influence goes to far. No built influence measurer for K3, please. For those who insist, get a modification.


    BTW, babydol didn't argue anything. She said that there is an influence tool modification available now for K2, and nothing more. If you say it doesn't exist, I am more likely to believe you missed it, since I have no evidence to believe you over babydol, who has already started becoming part of Obsidian. (I myself am still rejected by some of Obsidian's less savory members, but thats beside the point. :sorcerer: )


    If you can calm down those n00b energies, people may start to accept you. :)

  6. The number of opening and closing quote tags does not match. Please fix this to submit your post.


    I will try to reply without the quote tags, then... :(


    Xard, I know Bio and Obsid never = each other, it was just for show in that pic.


    Revan, I hope you know that Bio and Obsid don't = each other. I hope I didn't confuse you. :fdevil:


    Also Revan, your alleged proof is past expiration and stinking of poor logic. Proof against K3 holds.


    Oh, and the uh square map thing is interesting. :shifty: I hope K3's are triangular!

  7. Before lock


    Use the Force... Beast control.




    Cut the tree down.


    I won't be helping you when it lands on your head. :(


    ... the cat, I mean. :cat:


    shooting my cat out of the tree was never an option. Thanks though. :)


    You sure? You could always hang it on the wall afterward. :fdevil:


    He magically came down sometime around 3-4 in the morning. He broke the screen door just to get in but at least he came home! I have no idea how he managed it...


    Oh and thank you for all your lovely suggestions, however, shooting my cat out of the tree was never an option. Thanks though. :)

    I'm glad your cat is okay. :)


    Will you be my girlfriend?




    And another :o that nick wants to cheat on his girlfriend. :shifty:

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