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  1. Ok, so I was a ;) and tried to sign in the day of the update and got this message: "the connection to the Xbox Diagnostic Server has timed out. Verify that your Maximum Transmission Unit is set to 1364 or greater." First things first, I currently have a direct modem connection and no router or gateway. And after a little searching I discovered the update was in progress, which I had clearly forgotten. With the update over, this same MTU error still pops up! After a bit of Google time I found that many other people trying to get on now, 2 days later, still get the error.


    They update XBL Sept 29 for something you're not even going to get until later, then a whole load of us can't connect after its done? What is going on? Anybody else can't sign in?


    Also: There is a brief statement on Xbox's website: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/support/?WT.svl=nav

  2. Some of us may actually be interested in K2 threads but are unwilling to sort through the dozens of tech issues to find them. Particualrly when they are the same old issues that have been discussed hundreds of times. Sure even real K2 threads may not offer much of anything original, I mean the game has been out for 4 years, but still it would most likely encourage additional topics that previously were not hardly discussed for the fact that K2 is merely a Skeeter now. And now with the TSLRP coming soon, that would make it even more prudent. I can't imagine it would offend anyone to have a real K2 subforum (which would be different than the SWU forum, Marcus :rolleyes: ) DN, you stated twice that there is a lack of "interesting threads". My point. So why not? Just try it out - soon, or upon the release of TSLRP. If it isn't used, delete it. (And I reccomend against the "TSLRP" thread, just make it "K2" and note TSLRP in the details. And NO, I don't say that because I am an Xbox-er, thats my honest opinion. :) )


    EDIT: Btw, I had to dig to find my thread >_<

  3. Its either thinking too much about unreal fantasies, having too much time, or not having enough distressing problems in your life. If you lead a normal life and have "SWCS" than you sure do have a great capacity for balancing insane fanboy and your normal life. But I wonder, how much work do you miss waiting four days for every SW game outside the store? (and lol at the acronym) :p

  4. I think the forums URL changed too.


    Old: forums.obsidianent.com


    New: forums.obsidian.net


    Ha. They scrambled ent to net :thumbsup:


    i always assumed it was obsidianent as in obsidianentertainment


    Indeed. My joke was referring to that ent consists of the same letters as net.

  5. Mandalore was on a recruiting drive with you wheras G0-T0 was uh... randomly coming with you. :x Very streching indeed. Another reason to be amazed with KotOR 2's cut content, I think.


    Erm, GOTO had little choice, seeing as how the Exile had just exposed his entire organisation to the Hutts and caused the destruction of his yacht, which served as his base of operations.


    Yes I know, what I mean is that he stayed with you. Sure he was a broken crime lord with nothing afterward, but that doesn't give him any reason necessarily to follow the Exile on his/her quest.

  6. :sorcerer: This is a thread from 2005. Quite obviously. I have an original xbox though, so yeah. :( I need a recommendation on this game for live, on my original xbox. I haven't played it before (which may be a shock, idk), but I need to know if it is populated and some opinions on the gameplay.


    I'm pretty sure theres a relatively recent thread, but I think its for the 360 edition. If it went 360 then its gotta be good but I'd like details. :)



    * You ones who know who you are do not post here, either, I don't need you.

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