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  1. She disobeyed her orders because she thought this would benefit the Republic. In the long run. That's the part lacking in her peraonality in poe2. She is loyal to the Republic 100 percent, sure. But loyalty and obedience are two different things. I got the exiled ending so her change in poe2 makes sense. After a hard time she decides listening to you is bad idea and won't risk doing it ever again. Don't know how other endings play out.
  2. Please don't replace Eder with Bearn. If Bearn is an interesting character himself, it will be cool to see him as companion in the sequel. But I don't think he showed enough personality in the story. Maybe make him an important npc and give him more character development. If we are going to have a "next generation" companion I hope it will be Vela.
  3. I'd like to add that narration voice and character voice have different functions. Narration voice makes you realize the story happens elsewhere: someone is reading the story to you. Character voice makes you feel like you are part of the story, the speaker talks directly to you or at least in front of you. Which is why narration voice in visual medium often appears at the beginning and the end, not throughout the story, especially not in scenes with tense actions.Folks in Obsidian sure know this well,cause in poe1 they did great. I understand voiced narration help some people go
  4. This is not about what kind of frame is better. It's about whether a frame is necessary at all. Voiced narration is not a must in video games. If you enjoy it that's a good thing, but nothing wrong if people want to read the text at their own paces. For me it feels like I'm watching a film where a bunch of people talk and a voice constantly chimes in with sentences like "Tom says", "Mary replied angrily". I can see it for myself man.
  5. I have no problem with the writing, just not sure the writing is presented in a proper way, or in the "right" media. All those "he said, she said" work fine in audiobooks, read entirely by one single person. But it feels funny in a game where all lines are voiced by multiple actors. Ca
  6. So,for some stupid reasons I decided to do a no-dragon-kill run, including dragon kids and dragon teens. I reached Twin Elm in poe1 without a problem, but in poe2 I'm stuck at the very beginning because in Engwithan Digsite you need to kill all enimies in the area to advance. And one of these enemies happens to be a Wurm. So I decided to cheat and let the game believe I've killed all enemies. My goal is to force the dialog option "I took care of the creatures." to appear. I found the stringtable and the conversationbundle: 09_cv_benessa; I found the NodeID: 8 and I believe I found t
  7. Perhaps they could let the Watcher disappear for some mysterious reason and return in a new body without previous memories. Players can decide whether to bring his/her old self back or not. Everyone's happy this way. Creating a new protagonist and fight the Watcher as a boss sounds cool too.
  8. If there will be poe3 I'd prefer seeing more fresh faces. I'll welcome the return of Eder (and probably Aloth as they share the same VA anyway) but for others...well, I want to see characters with backgrounds and views different from already existing ones. It depends on where the potential next game would take place though, I wouldn't mind having Zahua back in Ixamtl Plains etc. I'm not really a fan of the idea of companions in base. It would feel like lost potentials for me, just the way the sidekicks do. I will constantly wonder how those companions would react if I could actually take
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