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  1. Sure and more opponents and please harder encounters, much is way too easy even on supernova.
  2. This game is so great, i need a 200 hours version of it desperately. Please listen to us!!
  3. Please check on saved games vanishing, manual saved games disappear!
  4. had a thread on this too. After playing with quick saves a a lot i had this issue too. Manual saves saves just vanished. I started my sniper build again yesterday, saved it at lvl 10 with a manual save, checked it then. Played on my gunslinger for a day and today my manual saved sniper is gone again. this is so terrible. I dont know why this happens, checked on almost everything now and the worst is, i dont get any clues from this forum, thanks!
  5. I mean, am i understanding this correctly? You want to play supernova without every restriction? What? Why playing supernova then at all?
  6. This is ridiculous now. Started a new character, played until lvl 8 and my manual files from yesterday are gone??? No way! I want some serious help now! Thank you! Ok then had to start offline and reload them into the cloud, i will never purchase on epic again.
  7. Nice words, appreciate this. Just started again. lets see.
  8. Hi there, this is not funny. Lost 2 manual saved games. Seems to be the epic cloud here to be the key to this issue. How to go on playing, when i expect the saves to vanish after hours of playing? Im dissatisfied, to keep it polite. Besides, playing offline doesnt fix it.
  9. I just dont understand. Playing a survival mode and complaining not being able to switch back to hard? For reals? Same with save options, rules are fix in a survival mode, unless otherwise it wouldnt just be a survival mode?
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