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  1. Bungie was never it's own entity and they never bought themselves out. Microsoft allowed them to split as long as they made Reach and they also kept equity in Bungie (they actually made money off of Bungie with Destiny even though it was a multiplat) Bungie's ownership was no different than Lionhead, Turn 10 or any other studio MS owned. They were never their own entity but it was more beneficial for Microsoft to not have to fund anymore of their games (the Halo's were expensive games to make) and still make money off of them (equity in the company). The split was beneficial for Microso
  2. Interesting, I wonder if MS owns Dark Rock as well. That was very smart of Feargus to keep it separate though. I know MS owns Outer Worlds though since that's technically owned by Obsidian
  3. With all the heat Bethesda is taking, that's the last thing this game needs especially when it's building up so much good will with Fallout fans.
  4. It'd be nice but they probably had to save cost by making it first person only. Maybe in the sequel with Microsoft bankrolling it they can put in a third person camera.
  5. Pillars 1 and 2 are excellent though, they may not be your cup of tea, doesn't change the fact that they're some of the best in cRPG's
  6. I was pretty sure they said Obsidian fully retained rights the the IP. That's not how it works. When one company buys another company they own that entire company, all assets including, debt, IP's Obsidian isn't own separate entity now. They're apart of Microsoft, they're all Microsoft employees. If Microsoft wanted to they could fire everyone at Obsidian, sell off the studio and turn Outer Worlds into a card game. Best example, EA bought Bioware, they now own Jade Empire, Mass Effect, Dragon Age even though Microsoft published the first Mass Effect Or, Microsoft b
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