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  1. It's almost as if when you get all the money for a product that you'll never be responsible for upfront, you don't really care how well the product does. Crazy, I know.
  2. I mean, the EGS has no pros. It does have a truckload of cons to make up for that, though.
  3. HAHAHAHA, you must be new here. And by "here", I mean, "the world". When companies get higher profits they don't spread the newfound margins among the consumers (or the employees, for that matter), they just bump up the bonuses to executives.
  4. Obsidian couldn't market cold water in the Sahara, news at 11, just after our special investigative report: "The Sun's Surface: It's Bloody Hot!"
  5. First, there's absolutely not a single piece of sci-fi that isn't political. Second, if there WERE such a thing, it most certainly would not be a work where the future is run by soulless megacorporations. Boyarsky is just trying his (not very good) best to not say something that will rile up the American corporate-asskissing right-wingers.
  6. Obsidian has always sucked at marketing/advertising. This is nothing new. You'd think Private Division would do a decent job at it, but I guess that since they already got their money, whether the game succeeds or flops is inconsequential to them so they just no-assed it, too.
  7. People complained about Origin because Origin is... well, I'd call it crap, but the EGS has lowered the bar for an online store so much that I'm going to stick to "not good".
  8. CDPR ACTUALLY MAKES CP2077. Nobody's complaining about 1st-party exclusives, because, even though they're still bad from a consumer position, everybody understands that makers putting it only on their store is fair.
  9. It's absolutely NOT an opinion. Epic lacks many features present in Steam while having no feature that Steam doesn't have*. The EGS is OBJECTIVELY worse than Steam. Also objectively, Tim Swindley is lying trash. *unless you count having your account banned for participating on their sale (which they somehow managed to screw up, leading to various games being removed from the store) as a "feature"
  10. No it is a Epic exclusive, some say that it is also on the win shop, but don't you need win10 for that (it is pretty much just an xbox shop) They advertised on steam for hype, then took the money from Epic and made it exclusive. I have lost alot of respect from obsidian after this! People that care about pro consumer features and choice in where to buy, should not support this practice and the Epic shop (they want a monopoly market ala xbox) After 1 year apparently. Obsidian usually take a year after release to finish the game anyway so no harm done. Except of course, if y
  11. No, but you DID have to make sure that you never misplaced your manual or your codewheel or whatever ridiculous hell of a copyprotection method devs thought was a good idea to cram into their games. If anything, "using Steam to verify the game is legit" was an immense step down in the "hassle the legit consumers and literally nobody else" practice. And, as this can't be said enough, copyprotection is the most ridiculously useless crap to ever be coded - if your game is getting pirated, it's not EACH PIRATE breaking your precious DRM, it's like 10 guys all over the world who then make the f
  12. According to Snapshot Games, you're wrong. Their representative said they did a deal for minimum guaranteed sales (WITHOUT a lump sum, to boot).
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