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  1. So far it doesn't look like Epic store provides DRM-free options. Or at least it's not clear how they handle this. Did you ever use it? I did not but I've Unreal Engine 4 installed from years now and it uses Epic Games Launcher which has been recently upgraded to accomodate their storefront, so not a big deal to me.
  2. Yeah, this. I don't mind 1st person gameplay at all, but do not lock the FoV to some narrow cone. I can't stand that because it never feels right to me. Humans have peripheral vision and 1st person at the typical game fixed fov (when there's no slider) always makes me feel like something's wrong. I'd also love for a 1st person to be able to look down at their own legs/feet gosh darnit, do these chrs. have non-flexible necks? Yes yes it's not practical I suppose, but it's so weird. I second this.
  3. I fell like the keyword here is "optional" I'd like the compass/GPS to be optional and even highlighted quest items/pick ups.
  4. Since this game is made in UE4 is it going to be available trough the new Epic Games Store also?
  5. The problem here is just if Obsidian want to include an half baked TPP. Among the already mentioned issues like animations, clipping, etc., you guys need to think that the enviroment and closed spaces maybe are not designed to accomodate a camera following the player. If the release is scheduled for 2019 they would be forced to a partial redesign of a significant part of the game, and maybe even DLCs, to add a feature that would drastically affect the development, the release date and that maybe wasn't even considered from the beginning. Or was considered and discarded, who knows. It could
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