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  1. Apologies, I wasn't aware of the inconsistency between what Atsura says and the endslide. Averting the assassination and metagaming the story weren't built-in features of this quest. It was intentional that this be Maia's story, and the player is mostly along for the ride. I've seen on forums how this wasn't the most popular direction I could have taken the quest. I'm not sure that I would do anything differently for this particular story, but lesson learned.
  2. If the Watcher forces Tuaha to accept her orders without first dealing with the stalker, there is a 50/50 chance that Tuaha will succeed or be thwarted in the end slides. It's not a bug.
  3. I spotted this topic and decided to poke around our old documentation. It looks as if The Demon was among the requests made for the "Create an Inn" backer tier on the Fig campaign. To my knowledge, no quest was ever associated to them. Just think of them as an infamous bouncer there for atmosphere.
  4. If my memory serves, there used to be a puzzle in the Watershapers Guild which used that item as a clue, but the puzzle was ultimately cut. I guess the flag identifying that book as a quest item wasn't un-flagged.
  5. The imps should still appear in the Temple of Revelations, it's just a question of who sent them - Arkemyr or the Circle.
  6. Interesting. I started a new game after being away a while, and where previously I got Tekehu's dialog very quickly after hitting +1, now I'm at +2, finished the first part of the quest with the watershapers and Delver's Row, and still not a peep Since I was away a while, not up to date on patch notes, did they change it that much? Yeah, made a new character as well and things seem to have changed - Serafen's and Eder's +1 and Aloth's -1 triggered as fast as usual, Tekehu's +1 dialogue never happened yet. Here's hoping it's not bugged, since I don't recall any patch notes regarding th
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