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  1. Don't think so cause another user said he got dialogue for solider. Hmm... good point. They could release a free DLC with these options. Extra backgrounds, cultures and so on. Even if there was little reactivity. Honestly a mini dlc that adds more reactivity all around would be pretty cool. It may not seem like much but I can't help but smile when I see a reactivity check.
  2. Maybe it applies to Companions and Crew Members. There is also the "Gentry" background. Don't think so cause another user said he got dialogue for solider.
  3. Some cultures have dialogue too. I wonder if they were planning to allow you to be from the Vailian Republics since it has a bit of REACTIVITY. Argh! I hope they add some of the cut content in the final dlc.
  4. Why are the majority of them based off something that happened in the Dyrwood or Aedyr? I've been looking through the list of all unique and a thing that isn't Dyrwooden or Aedyr an (which is very few) are Huana based. Where is the love for the other cultures?
  5. After killing off the slavers the Rauatai cutscene didn't occur. Clean game no mods.
  6. I found a sheet that listed how much reactivity each class has and it's sad how few some have. What's sadder is Steel Garrote has more than the Darcozzi Paladini and it's a cut class!
  7. Changing this will set precedent to change the others for various reasons no? Holy Crown is optional, I know I wouldn't be able to do it even with your changes and that's fine because it's a challenge.
  8. Now this is interesting. I wonder if Priest of Woedica has lines too. I haven't run into any but in still early in with my priest. Steel Garrote has another line too but I forgot to screen shot it.
  9. A mixed bag for me. I like the story of the first game much more but the mechanics are better in the second. An enhanced version of the first game would be super cool.
  10. Was playing as a Steel Garrote with the mod and found something interesting. Steel Garrote has reactivity!
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