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  1. Fair enough. Having the original to tweak makes it easier than messing with a screenshot where you lose some quality. If it isn't named the same within the unity files then a heads up would be nice. I certainly wouln't want to be inspecting everything one by one. I'm assuming someone has already searched within the asset files by expected name?
  2. Are you asking where the override atlas should be? Same spot as the items one but it should be entitled SpellAbilityIcons.png as per the thread BMac linked to.
  3. If you're 100% sure the AOE is working correctly then I guess there's a default fallback to centre on caster in place for AOE attacks. I've never thought to remove it before as I assumed it was required. In most cases it's required and you never know what changes will come so if it's standard in their code it's probably a good idea to keep it in place even if it's not required all of the time.
  4. Unfortunately it wouldn't work out of combat but I thought the boolean would work in combat. I've seen a couple of UUIDs that seem to reference "this character". One is the one I quoted and the other is 7d150000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 (both of which are used for the ischaracterstealthed conditional in existing abilities). I don't know the difference but I thought the one I used was most commonly seen. Perhaps the Application Prereq's don't work quite the same for status effect. You could create a passive ability that simply exists to apply the status effect associated with the Ring and try it that way - it will trigger the status effect on and off accordint to stealth state. The ability "Assassin_Passive" for example shows how to do this (ignore the additional status effect condition). I thought the prereqs would work the same for statuseffects but now that I think about it that probably doesn't make sense. The prereq's for statuseffect likely means the status effect simply won't apply at all if the conditions aren't met. It won't act as a switch. Having the ring grant the passive would definitely work so that you don't get double movement speed when not stealthed. For outofcombat stealth there's no reasonable solution I can see.
  5. The attack ranged component is needed for any attack, ability/spell/weapon etc that is not a direct single target melee attack. The AOE component acts like a spell really so it has ranged component to tell it where to aim at. The invisible prefab comes in handy because it would look silly if there was some kind of projectile for a lot of these AOEs. The sword would still attack a single target without the ranged component but I didn't think the AOE effect would work. Did you remove the ranged component from an override file or from the gamefiles completely? If you just removed it from an override then the game might pick up the ranged attack component from the default files as of last patch. If you removed it completely from the game and the AOE still works then I'm a little perplexed.. Maybe the AOE defaults to centre on the caster if the ranged component is missing which is what you want for this attack and you're already facing the right direction for the AoE cone.
  6. You could perhaps add a passive StatusEffect to the Class that adds 2 to movement speed (could also have the value scale with the stealth skill which would make movement multipler a better choice). I think if you put this in the Prereqs for the statuseffect it should only take place when the character is in stealth. "ApplicationPrerequisites": { "Conditional": { "Operator": 0, "Components": [{ "$type": "OEIFormats.FlowCharts.ConditionalCall, OEIFormats", "Data": { "FullName": "Boolean IsCharacterStealthed(Guid)", "Parameters": ["011111e9-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"], "UnrealCall": "", "FunctionHash": 0, "ParameterHash": 0 }, "Not": false, "Operator": 0 }] } } You could, instead, apply the same logic to the ability that represents the passive in order to Activate and Deactivate the StatusEffect if you wanted to do something visual (or otherwise) for the class when the effect occurs. I'm not sure which is the cleaner or preferred method if they both work.
  7. It's just an idea. Sorry I didn't explain it more clearly. Your file looked like you had a good handle on things. I'm just as curious as you to see if it works. I think/hope it should. Explosive elemental projectiles here we come!
  8. The method I suggested should show in the combat log as it would add a damage multiplier to that particular attack. So you create a unique keywork for the attack, apply the damage boost statuseffect and make it a damagemultiplier for attacks with that keyword only. Have a Basevalue of 1 and scale if off of the explosive skill which will increase it to over 1. You might have to fiddle with the amount to get it right.
  9. I just had a quick look. The bombing Maniac damage status effect would appear to do what you want on it's own but there's no link to it. There's also no generic ability which I noticed the in-game grenade attacks have with a powerscaling value of "modifersonly" which might link to those keywords (I'm guessing - I still haven't played extensively with items but I have written tons of ability/attack and SE lines. You could apply the maniac damage status effect to the caster post attack with a very short duration (say 0.5 seconds) that should affect any secondary attack if it occurs. You might want to change that to a damagemulitplier with a base value of 1 that then scales reasonably off of the explosive skill rather than add additional damage on top of the min/max. I would be curious to see if this works for two reasons (straight grenade abilities and the power to create explosive shots etc that scale off of the explosive skill). edit: You can also modify the attack filter (keyworld should do the trick - giving the grenade attack a unique keyword) that means the maniac damage status effect can be maintained as long as you like and have it only affect that particular attack. You could add the statuseffect to the caster on equip along with the attackonchance effect.
  10. I've been mulling over the 2nd question a bit and getting a true random additional damage statuseffect seems quite tricky. You can certainly modify values based on many factors but getting a straight up random figure between 10 and 20 percent is not pretty with what knowledge I've garnered so far. You could add in 11 status effects to be chosen at random on attack. Easy enough but messy to look at in status effects. Not quite so easy to trigger for all attacks. An invisible nulldamage instant attack going off on trigger (or on a tick) could set the value at any given time but this isn't elegant either and the more of that sort of stuff there is going on there's more risk of lagging stuff up and just general unintended mess. I was thinking random values for a few things would be nice to have so I'll look into this further. Getting it all to roll in to any single attack seems hard even using preapplied triggers because the numbers are already generated they just haven't been applied. I'm not certain whether they'd be changed by a linked statuseffect then applied - yet. This goes further than just damage values for me. I have classes I'm creating that have all sorts of values manipulated by circumstance but I'm looking at Chaos elements (truly random) and they seem more difficult to create than they ought to be at this point so I probably haven't looked hard enough. I'll get back to this at some point if it's simple enough and someone doesn't already know the answer.
  11. There are more people interested/learning/at work than 11 whom joined some outside group. This forum and the (hopefully expanding) documentation is enough for some us. Please don't exclude - it comes off as elitist without cause or merit. It could also alienate potential newcomers. I would, however, add to the sentiment that it would benefit all of us mere mortals here if we could get a heads up on what may change as things firm up. The last thread in this forum on changes affecting modders was sufficient but the earlier the better (especially for people with released mods).
  12. Many things aren't currently possible but you only have to look at other Unity titles to see what can be possible and more is being made possible each patch. How far it goes... who knows. Large icon changes are possible for a couple of things but not for stuff like abilities (which, honestly, is essential for class modding since reusing existing icons gets confusing). There's plenty of FX to play around with and some are fairly generic so prefab editing is not quite as high on the list just yet. Some easily modded audio fx would be nice though. A lot of the current changes are good for adding items and messing around with conversation bundles but not a whole lot has been done for combat/class modding which is where you'll get a lot of interest - especially if you can combine them all. I understand there's a lot more than just an image for a map but that's the starting point. I also said being able to do something with it is required. Creating the image is step 1 of 100. I've been through all the unity files. Nothing is undoable. But it's not practical without a tool IMO. There are more than 10 modders and I have access to a brilliant artist but I'm just fiddling at the moment because PoE2 is current slightly moddable but that's still not much of a modding community. You can add in a little toy or a rejigged spell here and there. That's not what serious modders will come for. It's fun but I'm waiting to see where it goes. Release a tool and modding could go nuts. It's a time-risk but could pay off hugely in goodwill (something many game companies continually neglect these days to their own detriment). Bad news: this doesn't have Skyrim-sized footprint to begin with. Good news: This should be far easier to mod given the right access/tools. I'm very curious to see where it all goes so I'm staying on top of it, working away slowly in my spare time on the basic building blocks and waiting out the DLC cycle and see what they slowly add in each patch heading towards the end state.
  13. Quests and vendors don't seem too crazy. Maps would be tricky but they don't appear to actually be 3D but 2D with 3D mapping with 3D assets in PoE2. So essentially a map is one big scrolling 2D image with a corresponding 3D infomap (up/down ramps, stairs and boundaries etc). Things like doors etc is a little tricky. I could be wrong on that but that's how it appears to me. It'd be a little bit of work for a digital artist and then you'd need the ability to actually do something with it and I'm not sure how keen Obsidian would be on people messing with their world to that extent and, to be honest, at this point I don't see enough interest or talent to pull something like that off. You might as well be on Obsidian's payroll and do DLC if you can put that together. We can always hope I guess but, in reality, a dungeon building tool with limited map options is the only thing that would make that feasible and that requires significant modding interest to even have devs consider coding such an app. Then again... build it and they might come.
  14. Can confirm above. There was a previous thread on this. The game will calculate it on startup if you set it to 0 - answered by dev.
  15. All of those things are required for a game to be truly moddable and have a long lifetime but, as stated, most aren't possible at this point. Perhaps after the DLC is done it'll be made possible. Having a game of this calibre with all of those things fully moddable would be something unique and fill a pretty large niche... maybe a room even... in the gaming community. It all depends on Obsidian and how quickly they intend to pump out Pillars 3 but giving this game full life through modding would give them time to do a great Pillars 3 whilst keeping the series right in the spotlight. With the ongoing changes it's hard to write tools or complete mods yet because I have a feeling we're nowhere close to where the end moddable state will be.
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