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  1. Bump, I've done some searching but I have had trouble finding a true list of outcomes for each pick in the create-a-history option.
  2. Yeah my hope is to see the game through to the last few moments then go back and slaughter everyone once I've finished their quests, just for kicks.
  3. Okay. And if I go through and clear out the quests in a town, and kill all the guards, I'm good to go? Just hated/have a bounty or something? Was thinking about getting far into the game and then going back and laying havoc on islands. Thanks for your guys' replies so far!
  4. Okay, so it effects your ending-Like you get the most evil ending- But it won't break the game?
  5. Quick question, I just finished the first Island, sailing away now, and I thought the thought.... What happens if I go back and kill everyone in the towns/government/villages? Should I just wait till the end of the game to go back and kill everyone? I know this sounds evil, and it surely is, but just wondering if you can do it without breaking the game. Thanks!
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