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  1. Where is this stated? I could see things happening this way, but it there any information in the game supporting this version of events? Iovara certainly doesn't say that she learned about "the plans", and it seems the gods were already there at the time of her death as her soul got stuck at the Court of the Penitents. Everything from the flashbacks indicated that the Engwithians were still a functional, thriving civilization during the Iovara parts. And as far as I know, Thaos was the only survivor of the Engwithians.
  2. No they couldn't - Iovara's crusade occurred before the gods existed. Iovara and the Watcher were both non-Engwithian converts from the time that the Engwithians were still alive, and were part of the effort to force convert the world to the religion the Engwithians created. Iovara created her crusade after she learned about the Engwithian plans to create the gods. The ritual to create the gods didn't occur until after Thaos had stamped out all of the non-believers and "stabilized" the world.
  3. The general theory is because the four we got match more or less to the DnD plane-touched: Fire to Genasi, Moon to Aasimar, Death to Tiefling, and Nature to ... yeah I got nothing.
  4. It's not quite the same amount of rewards. You only get ship stuff like cannons or I think ship resources if you board.
  5. I don't see the point to double bronzers. Every time I tried to use them it failed. Enemies always know what cannons you have (just like you know theirs), and so automatically know the narrow range of the DBs. If you stay just out of max range then turn, the enemy never comes closer and you get accuracy penalties. If you get within the range band then turn the enemy rushes you, and you're lucky if you can get even a single shot off, with accuracy penalties. Royal bronzers or wormtongues are the way to go IMO.
  6. There's a thread on reddit detailing changes as people find them: https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/8nvyvl/pillars_of_eternity_ii_deadfire_beta_patch_110_is/ Some of my own contributions is that the Devil of Caroc Breastplate has been nerfed extensively - Articulated got dropped from 20% to 10%, Mechanical Mind only applies to Intellect now (and I'd assume a similar thing happened to the physical version of the upgrade), and Devil's Due changed from +4 health per tic to +2. Also, apparently most if not all weapons that applied some form of +25% bonus damage got nerfed to
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