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  1. Thanks for the update, I'd like to ask you guys to fix the scaling of the status frame that shows up when you mouse over the enemies, sometimes there are so many buffs and debuffs on the character that the frame goes out of the screen and we can't see the whole information in it.
  2. Don't know about the first question (I got the quest just as normal - what's your reputation with the Huana?), but funnily enough I had the exact opposite issue with the 2nd (I returned souls to bodies but was asked if I was the same one who returned them to the wheel) https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/102265-11-import-save-not-getting-correct-reactivity/ ^Obs is aware of the 2nd and working on it. My reputation with the Huana when I had the conversation was 3 or 4 positive and 2 negative. I took some decesions against the Huana, eg.: freeing the water dragon, but I managed to convin
  3. Hey there! I found two bugs related to those quests in title. About "Fruitful Alliance". I couldn't get the quest with Queen Onekasa II after inquiring her about the reasons of her interest on the Wahaki tribe. When I had finished all questions the game simply took me to the initial hub of conversation with her without letting me accept or refuse the quest, and it hasn't showed in my journal. Is there aother way to get the quest? In "He Waits in Fire", after we finish talking to Eothas a scripted event starts. There is a momment when you're rejoining your soul, it ask if you ar
  4. I have a similar problem, when she was giving me the quest i choose the option to know more about it. When I exausted all dialogs there there was no option to accept or refuse the quest. Then I travelled all the wat to Ori o Koīki, and there was no option related to Fruitful Alliance quest. Has anyone found a solution for this?
  5. Hey! Great suggestions!!! But, I'd translante "Insight" to "Perspicácia", and keep "Raw" as "Puro", and would never translate names of places and characters.
  6. Maybe, but perhaps the translators can have a look at the comments. They should be able to read your comments. Or you try to fix the issues by yourself and create a language mod. If you need advice, feel free to ask. I think that is important that we write in english, it'll help them to understand us, at least more than forcing them to read in portuguese, theremore it seems an egoist atitude I have no knowledge in development, so I won't be able to help anytime soon paulbean suggested that we use reddit as the german has used, and I think that would be a great
  7. Guys, This is a forum in english, your comments in portuguese will be totally ignored
  8. I'd like to add more insight on portuguese translation, please, do not translate names of characters, places, skills. Another thing is that in portuguese many words have 'gender', it aplies to nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. So if your localization team has no experts on romance languages, it'll be a bit harsh for them to translate correctly. Maybe if there's a way for the brazilian community contribute to translation we could lend you a little assistence
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