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  1. AWESOME! i wait: -change hair -add more hairstyle -add more godlike face presets -probably change hair for sidekicks? :3 8=D~~~
  2. Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you! As someone with severe restartitis, this is something that I've been longing for. - "Dang, that hair didn't look/feel quite afterall. Oh, well, only one hours played this time. Restart, for the third time." Totally agree!
  3. When i see goal - [3m :"Relationships"] - i instantly think: "Pallegina! Wait me!" But, when i played: "Pallegina not romanceable" - my chair instantly burn! Waiting a couple a days siting a park, i decided: "Ok, second options - romance Eder" BUT!..... My burn see people in neighboring region Now, i seat and wait in -Hachiko mod- :"Kissing Pallegina"
  4. ^ This + Will be awesome to add "miracle mirror" (like in DOS:2 - lady vengeance mirror ) to change your hero (maybe and sidekicks) hair style/color and etc
  5. Thanks a lot! These are the update notes for Beta Build 71. Major Fixes Fixed mouse functionality issue for users who had their Windows language setting on something other than English.
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