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  1. Just click the blessing you picked again to uncheck it and you will be straight back at 4/4 You will keep the same blessings. It doesnt cost blessings to use them when you start a game. Its permanently unlocked. So if you for some reason want to play 3 games at once, all 3 games will have the same amount of blessings available if you start them one after another,
  2. Ship combat seem to be either: Rush to board and kill them or sink them. I was dissapointed when I found out that you could not just soften them up before boarding them.
  3. Evokers are crazy OP. Can oneshot large groups of monsters with the insane empowered missile spells and can clear (or seriously damage everyone) in a room with wilting wind or whats its called. Power levels (might be other sources, these are what I get): +1 from evoker +1 from talent +2 from racial +2 from gloves +10 from empowered I oneshotted the last boss with my evoker with one cast of empowered tier 4 missiles on potd..did 1700 something in total damage.
  4. No, it doesnt mather. You can complete the quest in several ways. Ringing the bell is just one of the ways to do it.
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