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  1. Whatever it is, X has become Y, the moon shines in the day, and all the water turns to blood. Also, we're up to: . T . X X I T Y
  2. I like the idea of . and X being vowels and consonants, but how do you justify the Y? The Y at the end of "eternity" is a vowel. Excepting the Y situation, "eternity" is the only word I could find that fits that vowel/consonant pattern. If you give up on that, though, there's a lot of fun possibilities. Here's a few: iniquity capacity chastity divinity biscuits ****pits infinity dynamite fatality gunsmith humanity recruits impunity mesquite vitality nobility rarebits totality urbanity velocity transits opposite debility atrocity circuits
  3. wut? Pretty much every FPS will eventually give me a headache and nausea. Some just take longer than others. I suppose if I suffered from Parkinsons disease, it could be from my mouse control, but it more likely has to do with my brain and vision. Every first person game deals with the problem that your monitor takes up a very narrow part of your actual field of view. If they rendered a field of view that matched that, it would be very hard to see the world around you effectively. Like, if you make a tube with your hand, and put it in front of your eye, you can probably see
  4. How do you challenge other people's brutes? http://bradyar.mybrute.com
  5. I loved Braid. I hadn't felt that satisfied by a puzzle game since Chip's Challenge. Is there new stuff in the PC version? I played it as an XBLA game.
  6. I'm just a developer that really likes the PS3. I don't work exclusively on it. Though, I guess a lot of my posts here have been about the PS3. I'm really excited about Worms though. I used to play Worms 2 a lot in high school.
  7. My reasons were: 1. Emulate SNES games. 2. Have fun programming on the Cell.
  8. The "software emulation" version is only half-software. They still had to put the PS2's graphics chip in there. When they took that out of the more recent models to lower the cost a little, they gave up on backwards compatibility. I have one of the old 80gig half-software versions, and I'll actually say that the backwards compatibility is really good. I've played through a lot of PS2 games on it, and the only one it had a problem with was Rampage Total Destruction, and when I finally played that on a PS2 I realized it was trying to do me a favour. Noby Noby Boy is a lot more fun than it
  9. 45Hz actually isn't a framerate unless your renderer is really weird. A monitor refreshes at 60Hz. There are no subdivisions of this, it just refreshes 60 times a second. Anything you render has to be displayed during a refresh, which means that any framerate must divide 60 by an integer. 60Hz, 30Hz, 20Hz, 15Hz, 12.5Hz, 10Hz... If something is displaying 45fps, that means that every two frames, one is a 30Hz frame and one is a 60Hz frame, which is wonky. It can happen under certain conditions, but it's probably not a sign of a healthy renderer. (Or the vertical retrace synch is turned off beca
  10. I'm not advocating BASIC as a good or bad starting point. It was just an example. I don't think starting language is a big factor in the long run.
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