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  1. Yeah, I would really love for that option as well. I multiclassed a couple of characters but ultimately felt it didn't work quite the way I wanted it to with my party compositions. (Still LOVE my druid/ranger tho, don't regret that combo)
  2. Okay, if this short story actually seems to have concluded this whole thing with Elafa pretty neatly with her telling him to move on etc. then his personal quest makes even less sense. I've now played through the whole quest, and maaan it's just... awkward and forced. Like it made me cringe a little when we get told that Elafa actually died and how the boy wasn't Eder's son at all and hey crazy cult gets thrown into the mix! It just felt uninspired, contrived and like I said, awkward. And when Eder's like "oh yeah I'm a good person I petted so many animals", like seriously? That felt like a bad Flanderization-moment. I get that Eder has a soft spot for animals, and he's more of a "simple farmer" - guy, but c'mon, that line sounded like it came straight out of a bad fanfic. So yeah... not getting this questline and the way Eder was handled at all. And to top it off it is all a very weak excuse for him not being romancable.
  3. Honestly, while I don't feel like Obsidian was being misleading about the romances, I think a lot of us are still very much surprised about their choice to have Pallegina and Eder not be romancable. Especially Eder, since he is a fan favourite, and I'm betting one of the reasons a LOT of people were super excited about the idea of relationships / romance making it into the game. I guess a lot of people, myself included, just didn't really think he could NOT be a romance option, since he's such a popular character and actually made the most sense out of all the characters. (Besides Aloth and Pallegina). And he has such a great rapport and history with the main character, it's really incredibly surprising that they went that route with him, and really disappointing as well. And quite frankly, it kinda felt like a slap to the face that not only he is NOT romancable, but his personal quest is about finding an old flame of his. Like sorry, but that just feels like the writer wanted to rub it in that he isn't really fond of romances in games. Just... sheesh. And if it's really true that Eder can get together with Xoti, then that's just a double slap in the face. I get that a writer might not feel comfortable with certain themes, but in Eder's case I really think this was one hell of a bad decision, and could have been easily implemented to make a lot of fans happy. They could have just have one of the other writers pick up on the romance, one who feels more comfortable writing stuff like that. But this? This feels really just condescending and mean-spirited. *sigh* Welp, another character to add to my long list of characters I wished were romanceable, but weren't (Got Varric'ed again, apparently)
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