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  1. Hi there. Relatively new player here (played 20 hours last year at launch), looking to create a ranged mindstalker for a Classic playthrough using the Turn-Based mode. I was hoping to get some advice re: stat priority, weapons (2h vs DW), and key abilities to really make the multi-class shine. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Curious to hear how you all feel about the Seer post-release. Considering rolling a nature-godlike Ascendant/Sharpshooter with an arquebus for range, dual blunderbuss for mid, and not sure about my 3rd weapon set yet.
  3. Hi csb. Brand new to POE and as soon as I started looking at class combinations, black jacket / ascendant immediately jumped out at me. Having some trouble figuring out how to balance my stats though, as the character creator indicates that everything except for intellect is recommended for a Psyblade. Any suggestions as to which stats I can afford to sacrifice and which ones to max out? I'm assuming perception, dex, and might are all pretty important for damage. Not so sure how much constitution and resolve I need to stay alive though.
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