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Found 10 results

  1. I'm close to finishing my first play-through with an Assassin/Paladin and am thinking about starting again. I almost always play rogues and want to play another assassin, but I really want to focus more on stealth, assassinate, invisibility--which has been a disappointment with my current game. I've been reading these forum and doing a lot a searches for build tips, but I think I'm missing something key. Can anyone help me with: 1. How does salvation of time create unlimited invisibility? No, I haven't play tested this, but the description say that SoT adds 10 second of beneficial effects. What am I missing here? 2. I've seen several comments about something being Brilliant. How does this create longer/better invisibility? 3. Is there some way that a solo character uses Vanishing Strike with SoT, or am I misreading some comment? What are the best ways to maximize the Assassin subclass? I especially am interested in pure Assassin or multiclassed with a Priest or Blood Mage. Thanks.
  2. Searching for an Assassin build I stumbled upon this PL7 Fighter skill called Power Strike. It is melee only and hits for +200% damage and 4 penetration, therefore, it can deal very high damage if combined with assassinate and backstab. It sucks that I wanted to become Devoted with Arquebus. I would like to ask you for the best weapon to complement this combo, and if someone who knows console commands can test to see if, and to what extent, it works (that is, how much damage it can deal).
  3. There's nothing, then a glimmer... Then you're dead! Build Name : The Glimmer Man Class : Swashbuckler (Fighter/Rogue) Subclasses : Tactician/Assassin Introduction : Pure sniper build using the interraction between invisibility and Brilliant Tactician. Firearms ensure that you can use Smoke Veil instantly and avoid any damage. If you don't play with Berath's challenge activated then Smoke Veil will just end the fight - use it at max range, run out of the enemy's sight, then restealth and come back to finish the target. The build starts working as soon as you get Smoke Veil. Game Version : 5.0 Difficulty : PotD Solo : Yes (or keep your party out of the fights) Race : Island Aumaua Culture : The Living Lands Background : Scientist Attributes : 21Mig/3Con/15Dex/18Per/18Int/3Res Skills : max Arcana (for Spearcaster - required for Dorudugan) Equipment : weapon - Dragon's Dowry (Eccea's Arcane Blaster vs pierce immunes), helmet - Acina's Tricorn, necklace - Charm of Bones, armor - High Harbinger's Robes, cloak - Ajamuut's Stalking Cloak, gloves - Woedica's Strangling Grasp/Gloves of the Dungeon Warden/Killer's Gloves, Ring1 - Ring of the Marksman, Ring2 - Ring of Focused Flame, Belt - Sash of Judgment, Boots - Footprints of Ahu Taka Abilities (required) : Disciplined Barrage - Disciplined Strikes+Escape, Backstab, Smoke Veil, Dirty Fighting, Fighter Stances - Conquerer Stances, Penetrating Strike, Fast Runner, Arms Bearer, Confident Aim, Two-Handed Style, One-Handed Style, Weapon Specialization, Quick Switch, Fearless, Armored Grace, Uncanny Luck, Tough, Improved Critical, Unbreakable, Weapon Mastery Temporary Bonuses : Sharksoup, Nature's Resolve, Alchemic Brawn, Alchemic Guile, Alchemic Wits, Adratic Glow, Rabyuna's Boon Other Recommended Abilities : Gift of the Machine, Effigy's Resentment: Sagani, Savage Cunning, Infamous Captain, Cauldron Brew - Might Pet : Harley (10%dmg/3acc ranged) How it works : Invisibility + Brilliant Tactician Observations : Persistent Distraction doesn't work with ranged. Deep Wounds (and all dots) will keep you in combat preventing Brilliant Tactician from triggering. Deathblows could work in theory (use sparcrackers) but in practice is not worth the effort. Belt of Magran's Chosen is good too, but the blight it summons can prevent Brilliant Tactician from triggering, making you waste more time. Sometimes enemies get stuck in a loop preventing the combat from ending - staying out of their sight and becoming invisible again will usually fix it.
  4. Hello guys, First a little intro. I'm the type of person who waits until everything is released and patched, then goes for 100% completion. I also love theorycrafting and have a tendency to reroll A LOT. Somewhat recently I finished PoE1 (PoTD with scaling, ended game with 0 knockouts all around) with a rogue. My end game party was (Eder, GM, Durance, Aloth, Hiravias) I did enjoy the build, it was single target focused and once bosses were Bloodied I could just delete them with Finishing Blow. Quite satisfying. Sure, I was rather squishy and I had to use clever positioning and pick the correct targets, but either way, it was a style I did enjoy. Now I've started PoE2 Deadfire on PoTD with only Critical Path scaling. I tried some builds (without prior planning) but I ended up dumping them all around level 9-10. So, for the past couple of days I've been doing some research on certain builds, skills and classes. Here's what I'm thinking. Class: Spellblade (Evoker/Assassin) Race: Human (just RP value) Stats: Might 18, Con 8, Dex 10, Per 16, Int 18, Res 8 My playstyle would be the following: 1. Trash mobs Buff Infuse, Mirror Image, Illengrath Safeguard, Fleet Feet or Deleterious (others like Ryngrim's or Arcane reflection are situational) Run or Escape into center of enemy Use Torrent of Flame Smoke Cloud Delay Fireball + Normal fireball I believe this should be enough to clear most mobs, and I could follow with either more nukes or going melee. 2. Bosses (and Megabosses) Buff Infuse, Mirror Image, Illengrath Safeguard, Zandethus' Draconic Fury (+ others depending) Use Toxic Strike, Gouging strike and Deep wounds to apply stacking DoTs Go invisible and nuke / melee away If it's not enough, use empower to refill and apply a new set of DoTs Use Marux Amanth as a finisher. I could use some input on this. Do you guys think it's viable in PoTD? Are the wizards buffs enough for me to act as an offtank? Is a tactic like this sound for bosses/megabosses? (have no prior experience, so i'm going by ear) Bonus: Does Combusting Wounds trigger with Toxic Strike/Gouging Strike/Deep wounds ticks ? I'm also open to new ideas, but I'm keen on a theme like this. Imagine Kassadin from League of Legends. Something like that, play and style, is what I'm after and enjoy.
  5. Hi there. Relatively new player here (played 20 hours last year at launch), looking to create a ranged mindstalker for a Classic playthrough using the Turn-Based mode. I was hoping to get some advice re: stat priority, weapons (2h vs DW), and key abilities to really make the multi-class shine. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I would first like to say that the stealth revamp and the vision cone in deadfire is miles ahead of what we had in PoE1. The system helps a lot in making rogues and sneaking more immersive, and backstabbing is an actual thing now unlike in the previous game where it was basically an afterthought. That said, I think rogues here have another problem - too many similar skills. Hobbling strike, Blinding strike, Strike the Bell, Finishing Blow, Withering Blow, Sap, Gambit and Vanishing Strike. That's 8 attack abilities not counting the various upgrades for most of them. I'm pretty sure most players don't need them, and some are pretty much wasted space by the time you get to them (why would you ever use sap). You might say how it gives rogues options, but not really, most of these work pretty much the same and are boring in effect, with the exception of finishing blow and vanishing strike. Gambit single-handedly trivializes any kind of choice once you unlock it. But if you nerf gambit then you're just forced to use a combination of the other strikes. If you ask me, we should drastically reduce the damage of some of the strikes (strike the bell, sap, withering blow for example) give them some sort of utilitary role, or replace them completely. Sap could stun the target but do 10% damage. Put in rogue-specific poisons that are more effective, cheap or can be used per-encounter like poison that lowers stats, armor, defenses or fighting capabilities of stricken targets. Put in skills that promote gun/sword combos. For example a Ranged or Melee attack that does not have recovery as long as you used the opposite weapon before it. I'm pretty sure I'm late to the party when it comes to these suggestions, but maybe for a bigger patch or expansion there's hope.
  7. At first I started a Trickster/Soulblade main character, but I don't really like the trickster so now I'm thinking of starting a Devoted/Soulblade or an Assassin/Soulblade. Which one would make more sense to partner up with a swashbuckler (fighter/rogue) Edér if I'll focus on one handed style with swords and medium armor? Assassin/Soulblade and Fighter/Rogue has multiple ways to Flank enemies with smokes, blinding attacks and cipher debuffs, but a Devoted/Soulblade generally looks more viable with Disciplined B., Confident Aim and Cleaving Stance. Basically my planned attributes for both would be Might15, Con10, Dex16, Per15, Int10, Res12
  8. Do you think that build with Sharpshooter/Assassin focusing only on arquebus or other big ( base damage ) kind of firearm will be viable? Im thinking about sth like sniper or character that can focus on single "soft and important" (like mages) target from stealth and take them out as fast as possible with as few attacks as possible.
  9. Having played around with the Assassin, I've noticed that Assassinate only works on the first attack when dual wielding, even if activating an ability that is a full attack such as Blinding Strike. Given that Assassinate apparently applies to all projectiles from a spell, would it make sense for it to apply to the first full attack from stealth instead of only the primary attack in order to be more useful with dual-wielding than with single-handed or two-handed weapons?
  10. It would be great if someone could shed some light on how Obsidian plans to incorporate this aspect in the game. I always roll a thief/assassin character in cRPGs and I am curious how it will turn out to be in PE. IMHO, BG2 had a very satisfying feel for the assassin - picking the right tools, items and skills, you could one-shot very hard foes before they got a chance to react. After that, you were kind of useless unless you had invisibility potions or items to do another stab, or it was running in the fog to re-stealth. The principle was very good and mostly satisfying but there were some pitfalls PE could learn from - first off, the one that most developers fail at - backstabing being based on weapon base damage / all weapons are equally good at stabbing. This must be avoided as a Staff of the Ram with huge base damage is an optimal backstabbing weapon no matter what. Instead, there should be a hefty bonus for daggers/short swords to make them the ideal weapon for such things. Dual-wielding should also amplify the backstabbing capabilities but should also have drawbacks compared to one-hand attacks. That said, a mace/sword rogue should definitely be a viable path and could have more consistent damage during combat as opposed to daggers that do a big initial burst but then perform worse as the clash stretches out. Another very important part is stealth and the mechanics surrounding it. I believe it's a consensus that the visual/audio hiding/checking should be merged into one, as no one would max one and leave the other low because that would still make sneaking impossible. Trying to go into stealth and "failing" was also mind boggling during the stages where your sneaking wasn't that good, requiring you to just sit there a couple of turns until you finally enter successful, so I think every attempt should be successful, it's just that lower levels would require you to be slower and more prone to detection. Visual cones is something that should definitely affect sneaking, as should walls and items that block vision (like in BG2). It shouldn't be too complicated though, a simple flat detection bonus should be applied if you are sneaking in front of someone as opposed to being behind them. Naturally, distance would factor in a lot as well. Anyway, I'll add more thoughts tomorrow, but feel free to add in or comment
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