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  1. 271.2 hrs played and I'm done after trying the beta patch. Brilliant was the only thing that made playing casters fun for me, and I only play casters. Don't get me wrong, they are still very powerfull, that's not my beef. They are just not fun for me anymore. I guess I just hate the new system of only 2 spell casts for each spell level per encounter, and brilliant buff made it just bearable. But now on the harder fights I'm often left with only auto attack for a good chunk of the it, because I run off spells/empower too fast and the enemy still has so much hp left... how can anyone find it fun, its beyond me. :-/ Oh, I still win the fights just fine, but now I'm obligated to speed up the fight to the maximum while watching youtube on my other monitor, waiting forever for my guys tickle the HP of the boss.
  2. The drake at the dig site, oh my... I couldn't win no matter what I did, so I went back to port maje to recruit some custom mercenaries to fill up my party. I got 2 beckoner chanters/something and overwhelmed my enemies with dozen skeletons. Of course the drake killed everybody in a single aoe, but I just had to focus him down first, and afterwards it was easy.
  3. I really dislike the current implementation of grimoires. Perhaps if grimoires were comprised exclusively of spells you cannot acquire anywere else, they would be more appealing to me. Or if they gave nice casting bonus... but I only found 1 grimoire with any kind of bonus in the entire game, and it had such a heft penalty that make it basically useless.
  4. While we wait for the awesome new robes, how hard can it be to mod the existing unique robes to look like something else?
  5. Multiclassing is super versatile, but I'm finding my current single class only run much much more powerfull than my later exclusive multiclass one. Getting to higher level spells/abilities faster is such a boon, on top of higher caster level? Oh my world! Btw, I play exclusively at PotD difficulty.
  6. Then there would be zero differentiation between wizards and chanters or ciphers. Different spell selection, "mana pool", "mana regen", specializations, themes, casting/recovery times, perks, upgrades... My favorite computer rpg rendition of spellcasters was in dragon's dogma.
  7. I already have 9 achievement points from trying to play dozen times, but giving up totally undecided which class to play. I love casters, but I really really dislike the limit of 02 spells per encounter wizard, cleric and druids have. When I get home I'll try some combo of cypher/chanter to see if they have enough of a "caster feeling" to satisfy me.
  8. Only 2 spells of each level per encounter is too limiting for my tastes. I'd rather we have some kind of mana that regens at a fixed rate instead. It would feel much much better and balanced imho. Casters in the current system are double penalized and it tottaly kills the mood for me.
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