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  1. In the first game I played an ocean folk cipher who made their money by smuggling, but found myself wishing that I could take some stuff from cipher and some from rogue. The character had a control rather than dps twist, so having subclasses as well as multiclasses (for Beguiler/rogue) is awesome!
  2. I find it hilarious when people say this. Does no one leave crit path? Does no one explore? I found a three eoten fight when I was level 5, I had only one exceptional weapon, and most of my armor was "fine" level, trust me, I didn't win.Also OP, all these difficulty complainers are specifically saying the hardest difficulty setting in the game needs to be harder. Something the lead Dev admitted before the game was even released. It is a non issue, if you care about playing on the hardest setting (most people dont), wait at least until that gets patched which will probably be soon. It’s
  3. I watched the Fextralife summary of the priest classes, and one of the options that intrigues me is the combo Priest of Wael/Streetfighter (Priest/Rogue) - a deflection tank essentially, with the various illusion abilities granted by Wael. With rogue you would also have lots of mobility, and priest would open some options as well. Not sure how good it would be, but it does at least sound interesting...
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