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  1. Unfortunately, I am a dumb and I did not do a normal save during this issue, only a quick save. However, I have a normal save from just before I ran into it (on 5/24/2018). I hope that helps, sorry for not doing a normal save and being a dumb. http://www.metalmusicman.com/files/misc/Zer%20%28TheWildMare%29%20%28214413c3-678d-4e73-914c-35e6cc796f6b%29%20%28781844259%29.zip Also, I went back into the area again without changing anything a day or two later and the area loaded without the error. Maybe a patch fixed it? Not sure.
  2. I don't understand the complaints, the game is amazing. I had the Frostseeker bow on my Ranger and yeah, it's OP and definitely needs a nerf. But it's not a game about balance and combat, that's just an afterthought to the story and roleplaying. If you don't want to feel OP, just don't use an OP item. There are thousands of better games to play to "be good at" and worry about balance. This game is about nerding out and enjoying the amazing writing.
  3. 85k for my Ranger (Sharpshooter, Frostseeker bow is super OP, needs a nerf) 15k for Tekehu (Druid/Cipher, mostly Healbot) 25k for Serafen (Pure Cipher, usually 2x Blunderbuss) 20k for Eder (Pure Fighter, tank) 27k for Xoti (Monk/Priest, offtank/heals/damage -- man, she is awesome)
  4. Not sure what people are talking about with Swift Flurry being the only way for Frostseeker to be OP. My Sharpshooter ranger pretty much broke the entire game once I got Frostseeker. Just critting and spamming damage well over 4x what the rest of my party does on that one character. The bow is definitely too strong.
  5. Confirming that disabling my Steam overlay fixed this for me. I should have confirmed that days ago, sorry for the delay.
  6. I tried to enter the Old Temple of Ondra in the Old City, but realized I only had one of the required items (the Coronet of Depths). I hadn't gotten the Coronet of Waves yet, and had not started the quest. I went to talk to Dereo and started the quest, and then took the dialogue option that was something like, "Oh, you mean this Coronet and the Temple of Ondra it opened?" which completed the quest. I also chose a dialogue option about someone's guards attacking me, even though I wasn't sure that had ever happened (it hadn't). I could still not enter the temple, as I was not in possession of th
  7. I hadn't had any problems with this until this evening. I played through the entire game and beat it without this issue ever showing up, but suddenly this evening my left-clicks started sticking (dragging when I wasn't holding left click) and sometimes not registering at all. I thought my mouse was going bad until I realized it was only in Pillars 2 that the issue was occurring. Really weird since it did not happen one single time on my entire playthrough of 50+ hours until this evening.
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