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  1. I agree the translation studio didn't have what they needed to work, obviously. But it's part of Obsi work to 1- give them the right tools to work and 2- at least look at what have been done. We're talking here of main menu mistranslation, false tooltips, different skills having the same name, bad traduction in the story (especially vaccum)... Immersion is realy important in a crpg game, and reading is a lot of time in POE. The first feelings are very important and once you have done so bad, it is difficult to make the way back. I made 4-5 people buying POE, 0 buying POE2. One good thing, the main story plot was not so badly translate, but if you can't understand a game and the mechanics, you don't realy care of the plot because you can't enjoy your game.
  2. First, excuse me for my bad english. I know that in my country (france), the traduction and localization was so bad that almost all players just throw the game and never played it again. That was a very bad lunch, and people saying "don't buy this game it is unfinished". Devs didn't even start the game in french or german. From the main menu you could tell that something was wrong. POE wants you to read, a lot, and you can't just spit to your european customers and think everybody is going to buy it. A shame, I loved POE and I was thinking it was the future of "BG style" games.
  3. La traduction a fini par avoir ma peau au début et m'a dégouté du jeu, j'ai cependant vu qu'un gros travail à été fait au cours des dlc. Je ne sais pas ce que donne le jeu complet, mais en tout cas le peu que j'y ai rejoué à suffi pour que je vois des ameliorations. Le jeu n'est plus incompréhensible, mais je ne serai pas capable d'évaluer la qualité de la nouvelle traduction. Forcément meilleure quand on part de foutage de gueule / 20
  4. Sorry is this for me? Btw I'm french, but if you're doing the mod, maybe I can help you translate it in french
  5. Is there a mod about the resting system ? Something like limiting resting out of your boat or a City? Is this something you can do?
  6. I would like Obsi does PotD hard enough to make you need Berath Blessings, consumables and abilities to win. I have restart with the update and BB, still "too" easy. The only hard thing is exploring out of your level
  7. Désolé à notre traducteur pour la rage et la colère, j'ai précisé dans le topic en général que ce n'est pas tant un problème de traduction de texte (aucun problème avec l'histoire pour ma part) mais tout l'interface ne va pas. Je ne sais pas comment sont gérés les traductions des abilités, des compétences, des objets et des infos bulles, mais cest clairement de ce côté qu'il faut chercher. Entre morceaux de texte collés, traduction fausse (spé épée qui indique l'inverse de la competence), restes de traduction de poe1 (compétences de race des divins de la nature), il y a de nombreuses choses qui induisent le joueur en erreur. A mon avis il aurait fallu connaître les structures associatives pour gérer les interfaces et un peu de retour de tests des versions étrangères avant le lancement. Dommage. Les torts sont quand même pour moi principalement pour les devs et pas pour les traducteurs qui font ce qu'ils peuvent avec ce qu'ils ont, même si certains points (Je pense en particulier aux mises à jour de traduction) sont discutables. Amicalement
  8. Same here: story in french, levelling and stuffing in english. Boring and not immersive. I am not good enough to play the full game in english and french translation is wrong for lots of abilities. Sometime the translation is the opposite of the meaning. The more I play the more I think that the translation is good, the problem is associatives words and interface
  9. I am not blaming the translators, they do what they can with what they have. And like I said, the story and quests are OK. The problem is about item, races, abilities descriptions. And because of it the player can be totally misslead. All game mechanics explanations are broken, and I think it is more Obsidian job than translators. Few exemples, in the French version, Nature Godlike power is the same as PoE, sword specialization says it boost deflection, Might does not affect healing and spellpower, things like this. Some spe, like bucklars, can't be read at all. Even the help and info system is bugged. It is not some big bugs, it is gamebreaking bugs. I have to switch En/Fr between the main quest and stuffing. It is not immersive at all and I can't enjoy the game as much as would like. The game itself is really cool, but Deadfire may be the last game I buy from Obsidian. I am sad, I played BG, BG2, IWD 1 and 2, NVWN 1 and 2, PoE, Planescape Torment... The quality of the translation of PoE wasn't great but you could deal with it. They knew the problem from PoE. They did even worse.
  10. This is not only having a bad translation, there is a lot more like untraducted phrases, missing files, wrong help, item description, abilities... I totally agree with what you're saying, but they have missed everything. Not only dialogues and translations (they're OK for the main quest as far as I am). Failing translation is a thing, showing you don't even care about basic understanding is something different, it is a much more serious matter.
  11. It should not be like this. I mean, PoE is 50% reading, I am playing the game as I am reading a book, would you read "The laords of the Grings"? this is just an unfinished work. I'm pretty upset, this is an insult to Europeans and non english speakers considering how much time and money they spent to make a full VO. I'm not asking for a full French/ German/ Spanish voiced game..., but this is not correct. PoE had the same issue, and seeing they don't care about us at all is pretty sad. If I want a game with nobrain dialogues, I'll go for CoD or Diablo. I finished playing PoE in english, with a dictionnary to help me when I needed, and I don't want that AGAIN. I payed for an incredible and fabulous world, not for a google trad. This totally breaks the game immersion, and that's pretty sad and disappointing to have your first Deadfire experience ruined by a shi*** trad. I can't understand how Obsidian could make such a mistake.
  12. Ils ne sont pas excusable. PoE avait déjà les même soucis, c'est du boulot à moitié fait pour tous ceux qui ne sont pas anglais, et franchement c'est une insulte quand tu vois le temps et l'argent dépensé pour la VO. C'est peut être moins flagrant dans les grands dialogues de la quête principale, mais dans les menus les abilités et les bulles c'est la cata. Le gros problème, c'est que PoE est sensé être un jeu immersif, et cette immersion est complètement cassée par la qualité de la (google) trad, qui ruine l'immersion dans l'univers Oui, je l'ai mauvaise
  13. Honnêtement, je l'ai dit plus ou moins sérieusement dans mon message, mais je suis réellement très en colère quand je vois la qualité de la traduction. C'est pas du boulot et n'importe quelle compagnie devrait avoir honte de rendre un torchon pareil. Il y a une grande différence entre faire le boulot, avoir quelques bugs et se moquer du monde non anglophone. Ils osent dire que le jeu est traduit en 10 langues? Au bout de 30 min de jeu je me suis rendu compte que aucun francophone n'avait travaillé dessus, c'est impossible. C'est extrêmement préoccupant parce que: - c'est pas nouveau (on a tous vu les problèmes de traductions dans PoE et on a les même ) - c'est pire - ça casse complètement le mur du jeu. On a un univers magnifique, incroyable, dans lequel on veut s'investir et se plonger, mais non, c'est juste imbuvable. Et pour moi c'est le plus grave. Et on dirait que les français ne sont pas les seuls concernés. Je suis déçu déçu déçu, c'est LE point noir du jeu, à mon avis. L'immersion est brisée des les premières minutes...
  14. Sorry if there is another topic about that, and sorry for my bad english. First I am a huge fan of BG and PoE. I played a lot the first PoE, the white march, and preorder the second. I am not here to spit on the game. BUT French trad is awfull... - Phrases that have no meaning, - bug on descriptions, - words not there it should be - untraducted things ... I will stop here. I mean I love the game, but I have to play it in english to really enjoy it, actually in french you're totally out the game because of the translation. More important, some of this things were already said back in PoE. I am really disapointed about how non english people have to adapt to the game (and only english voices) Is there something said by Obsidian I have missed ? Do they plan to do something about this ? Again, I love PoE, and sorry for mistakes. Ps: Obsidian, change your french translator, or stop using google trad, or be sure that the one translating it speaks french
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